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World Heritage Sites – Pattadakal – Monuments Kadasiddheswara Temple

Kadasiddheswara Temple

This modest temple probably built in the middle of the seventh century A.D. shows an experimental stage in the development of temple architecture, particularly in the axial expansion of the plan and superstructure. Facing the east, this temple has on plan a square sanctum (garbhagriha) housing a linga on the pitha, an astylar, rectangular mandapa and probably a mukha-mandapa as suggested by the plinth and the brackets above the dwarapalas flanking the mandapa doorway decorated with five bands (sakha), which are now worn out.

The temple is built on a raised plinth with the usual five mouldings. The wall surfaces are plain but for a frieze of ganas carrying garlands at the top. The superstructure is the rekha-Nagar (northern) type having a curvilinear profile with a rudimentary sukanasa projection on the east. The sukanasa depicts dancing Siva and Parvati in a shallow trefoil chaitya-arch. The niches on the outer walls of the sanctum (garbhagriha) house the images of Ardhanariswara (north), Harihara (west) and Siva (south). The doorway of the sanctum has pilasters set among decorated bands (sakhas) with Siva and Parvati seated at the centre of the lintel and Brahma and Vishnu on either side. River goddesses and attendants are carved at either side below the bands.

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