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World Heritage Sites – Pattadakal – Monuments Dolmen


There is a dolmen located in a field by the side of the Badami-Pattadakal road, at a distance of about 1.5 Km. west of the Pattadakal village.

It is a rectangular chamber formed by four large and thick orthostats on the sides, bearing a still large capstone at the top. The side orthostats, at both the ends project laterally across the edges of the front and rear orthostats. The front orthostat facing south-east has in the middle bottom a rectangular opening larger than what usually a port-hole would be. In the front side, in continuation of the western orthostat, is seen only the broken edge of another orthostat. Also, three other huge slabs are found fallen, one lying flat on the other two, in front of the chamber. The fallen slabs and the broken orthostat evidently suggest that they formed another compartment of the extant one which was obviously north-south oriented. The present front slab with the rectangular opening is, therefore, segmental orthostat dividing the chamber int two compartments.

Remnants of the cairn packing of stone rubbles and earth enclosing the chamber, are extant on the northern side. There is also a vague indication of the chamber being surrounded by a circle, the stones of which appear to have been disturbed

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