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World Heritage Sites – Pattadakal – Monuments Chandrashekhara Temple

Chandrashekhara Temple

This temple, facing east, stands about 15 ft. to the left of the Sangamesvara temple and is situated between Sangameswara and Galaganatha temples. The temple measures 33′ 4″ in length and 17′ 4″ in breadth and stands on an adhishthana . On plan, it has a small and receding garbhagriha and a closed hall. The garbhagriha houses a linga on a pedestal. The exterior walls of the temple are decorated with pilasters at regular intervals. There is a niche (devakosta) on either side of the garbhagriha. The doorframe of the shrine is decorated with shakhas and there is no dedicatory block on the lintel. There is a dwarapala standing on either side of the garbhagriha. There is no shikhara over the shrine. The doorframe of the hall is also carved with shakhas. On architectural grounds, this temple may be assigned to circa 750 A.D.

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