"Janjira Fort, Murd (Maharastra) is closed for general visitors due to foul climate condition from 26-05-2023 to 31-08-2023.""Submitting of application for Exploration / Exacavation for the field season 2022-2023 - reg."
What's New Date
Declaring Ancient Quarry Sites, Dholavira, Bhachau, Kachchh District as an archaeological site and remains of National Importance under the provisions of AMASR Act, 1958 29-08-2022
Notification of intention of Central Government to declare ‘Ancient Mound including Anang Tal, Mehrauli, Distt. South Delhi’ as an archaeological site and remains of National Importance and to invite objections from public, if any-reg. 26-08-2022
Help guide for online application to PGDA admission batch 2022-24-reg. 24-08-2022
Protection of Ancient Naula, Vill. Syunrakot, Teh. Someshwar, District Almora, reg. 11-08-2022
Release of ASI Newsletter - January 2022-reg. 05-05-2022
Final List of Eligible & Rejected Candidates for Stage I- Young Archaeologist (Archaeology) Exam April 2022 09-04-2022
Inviting quotations for hiring of vehicle on monthly basis for the National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities (NMMA), Archaeological Survey of India. 31-03-2022
Advertisement for issuance of license to the Photographer(s) at Sun Temple Konark-reg. 10-03-2022
ASI Newsletter for the month of December 2021-reg. 16-02-2022
Placement of Interns for documentation of Antiquities & BHS in NMMA format-reg. 09-02-2022
Draft Heritage Bye-Laws for Chaturdasha Devata Temple, Tripura 17-01-2022
Draft Heritage Bye-Laws for Gulab Bari and Tomb of Shuja-ud-daula, Faizabad, District – Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh 17-01-2022
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