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Warrangal Fort


Warrangal (Orugallu or Ekasilanagara) became the capital of Kakatiyas in 12th century AD. It has three concentric fortifications, with the inner stone fortification containing 45 bastions and gateways at the four cardinal points, and signifies essence of early medieval defence architecture. The remains of Swayambhu temple complex enclosed by four lofty toranas are some of the finest examples of the Kakatiya art. The other important edifices include Ramalingeswara, Venkateswara and Ekasila temples and the Kush mahal or the Shitab Khan mahal.
Kush Mahal(Shitab Khan Palace): This rectangular palace (16x38x12 m), with an arched entrance, was built in Indo-Saracenic style. Its interior is marked by arches joining both walls and supporting the ceiling. This edifice was said to be raised by Shitab Khan, whose lengthy record dated 1504 AD found near the southern torana attributes him to Hindu origin.

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