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Sun Temple, Modhera


Sun temple at Modhera is situated at Lat.230 42 N; Long 720 09 E. Sun temple at Modhera is an architectural land mark being the earliest Solanki temple of Gujarat datable to A.D. 1026-27. It was constructed during the reign of King Bhimadeva I (1022-1063 A.D.). All the three elements i.e. the (1) Garbhagriha with ambulatory and attached octagonal gudhamandapa, (2) Detached sabha mandapa with a torana in front and (3) A large flagged tank are decorated with numerous miniature shrines, while the gudhamandapa is embellished with niched images of twelve adityas, the sabhamandapa is a diagonally arranged octagonal hall with a magnificent set of pillars carrying torana arches in alternate triangular and semi- circular designs.

Entrance Fee:

Citizens of India and visitors of SAARC (Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives and Afghanistan) and BIMSTEC Countries (Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar) – Rs. 25 per head.

Indian Rs. 300/- per head

(Free entry to children up to 15 years)

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