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Rock cut Cave Temple – Undavalli

An impressive four storeyed rock-cut temple with façade facing east about 29 m long, 16m wide; depth and plan of excavation varying in each storey. It was probably commenced in the 6th – 7th century AD. Ground floor is an unfinished low pillared hall with 8 pillars and 7 door openings on façade. First storey is accommodates triple shrine (now empty) at back, each with pillared hall in front, originally dedicated to the Trinity (Trimurthi – Siva Vishnu and Brahma) and a small rock-cut attendant shrine on north.
All extant sculptures represent Vaishnava deities and legends. Second storey has a pillared rectangular shrine of Anantasayi (Vishnu reclining on serpent couch) on north and a lesser shrine on south. Sculptures both Saiva and Vaishnava and a few like the Vaishnava Alwars are later additions. Top floor was intended for a triple shrine but unfinished. Some of the extant sculptural specimens, on stylistic grounds were attributed to the Chalukyan period.
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