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Regulated Area

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Q. What is regulated area?

Ans. Regulated area means an area near or adjoining a protected monument which the central Government has, by notification in the official gazette, declared to be a regulated area, for purposed of mining operation or construction of both.

Q. How much area around the protected monument is considered the regulated area?

Ans. The Central Government has declared upto 100 meters from the protected limits to be prohibited area and further beyond it up to 200 meters to be regulated area for purposes of both mining operation and construction.

Q. Can one construct on the land in a regulated area?

Ans. No person other than an archaeological officer shall undertake any construction in a regulated area, except under and in accordance with the terms and conditions of a licence granted by the Director-General.

Q. How to get licence for undertaking construction or mining operation in a regulated area?

Ans. Every person intending to undertake any construction or mining operation in a regulated area shall apply to the Director-General in Form VII at least three months before the date of commencement of such operation or construction.

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