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Rang Mahal


Rang Mahal

The Rang-Mahal, resting on a basement, consists of a large hall, originally painted on the interior, from which it derives its name, meaning the ‘palace of colour’. Divided into six compartments by engrailed arches set on piers, the two apartments on its northern and southern ends contain marble dados. Over the walls and ceilings of these apartments are embedded tiny pieces of mirror, which reflect a burning match or other light and create thus a picturesque effect. These apartments are known as Shish-Mahal (‘house of mirrors’)


Rang Mahal, Red Fort

The building was part of the imperial seraglio. Through its centre along its length flowed the channel known as Nahr-i-Bihisht. In its centre is a marble basin, which is said to have been provided originally with an ivory fountain.


Marble fountain bed, Rang Mahal, Red Fort

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