"Internship Programme in Archaeological Survey of India-reg.""Closure of Red Fort, Delhi on the Occasion of Independence Day Celebrations"

Protected Monuments in Manipur



Sl. No.Name of monument(s) District
1. Chothe Thangwai Pakhangba Bishnupur
2. Shrine of Loard Wangbrel Chandel
3. Pond of Loard Wangbrel Chandel 
4. Boulder of Loard Wangbrel Chandel
5. Megalithic Site Chandel
6. Chibu Stone Inscriptions Churachandpur
7. Sekta-Kei Mound Imphal East
8. Sacred Fire Place Imphal East
9. Temple of Shri Krishna Imphal East
10. Temple of Thangal General Imphal East
11. Andro Inscription Imphal East
12. Temple of Madan Mohanji Imphal East
13. Khurai Ahongpund Imphal East
14. Temple of Radha Damodar Imphal East
15. Dolai Thaba Chingu Khubam Imphal East
16. Kangla Fort (Including Quarter Moat Kekrupat) Imphal West
17. Temple of Leimapokpa Keirungba Imphal West
18. Temple of Sanamahi Imphal West
19. Samadhi of Maharaja Khaba Imphal West
20. Samadhi of Maharaja Gambhir Singh Imphal West
21. A Menhir Imphal West
22. Inscribed Stone Monuments Imphal West
23. Inscribed Stone Monuments Imphal West
24. Rash Mandal Pukhri Imphal West
25. Gateway Brick Wall (in ruins) Apanbi   Haomacha
Imphal West
26. A Hillock Imphal West
27. Inscribed Stone of Maharaja Marjit Imphal West
28. Thong  Nambonbi (Humped Bridge) Imphal West
29. Hicham Yaichampat (Cremation Ground of Bir Tikendrajit Imphal West
30. Sangaiyumpham Maharaja Gambhir Singh Imphal West
31. Wangthonbi Mound Imphal West
32. Lainingthou Marjing Imphal West
33. Makoinungol Ching Imphal West
34. Lainingthou Sanamahi Imphal West
35. Khagemba Leikol Imphal West
36. Megalithic Monument Senapati
37. Willong Megalithic Memorial Stones Senapati
38. Pinoumai Tamartuo Senapati
39. Lamtol (Khagemba Laikol) Senapati
40. Sacred Jack Tree Thoubal
41. Inscribed Stone of Maharaja Marjit Thoubal
42. Inscribed Stone of Maharaja Garibniwaj Thoubal
43. Megalithic Monument (A Menhir) Thoubal
44. Megalithic Monument (A Menhir) Thoubal
45. Krishna Avatar (Carved Stone) Thoubal
46. Inscribed Stone Monument Thoubal
47. Khongjom Battle Field (Tengol Lampak) Thoubal
48. Historical Site of Wangkhei Meiraba Thoubal
49. Lungpha (Archaeological Site) Ukhrul
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