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Prohibited Area


Q. What does Prohibited area mean?

Ans. Prohibited area means an area near or adjoining a protected monument which the Central Government has, by notification in the Official Gazette, declared to be a prohibited area for purposes of mining operation or construction or both.

Q. How much is the prohibited area?

Ans. The Central Government has declared areas up to 100 meters from the protected limits of all the protected monuments as to be prohibited area for purposes of both mining operation and construction.

Q. Can one construct on the land in a prohibited area?

Ans. No construction can be made in a prohibited area.

Q. What if some one constructs unauthorized building in prohibited area?

Ans. The Central Government may, by order, direct the owner or occupier of an unauthorised building in a prohibited area to remove such building within a period specified in that order.If the owner or occupier refuses or fails to comply with such order the Central Government may direct the District Magistrate to remove it and the owner or occupier shall be liable to pay the cost of such removal.

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