“Adopt a Heritage 2.0”."Rolling Advertisement on Monuments and Antiquities documentation-reg."

National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities



1. Preparation of National Register of Antiquities by documenting antiquities from primary and secondary sources.

2. Preparation of National Register of Built Heritage and sites by compiling the existing records both published and unpublished.

3. Preparation of a National Thematic Atlas of Built Heritage, Sites and Antiquities.

4. Promoting awareness programmes about archaeological heritage and sensitising people about its preservation and management through various out reach programmes such as exhibitions, popular lectures, advertisements through print and electronic media etc.

5. Sensitising people about documentation, preservation and preventive conservation of various types of antiquarian remains.

6. Encourage owners/ institutions using built heritage to develop conservation management plans to preserve the integrity of the heritage building.

7. Capacity building to the concerned State Departments, Local bodies, NGO’s, Universities, museums, communities etc. in respect of heritage protection and preservation through training programmes, seminars and workshops.

8. Publication of popular literature in various local languages for the people and educational institutions in respect of preservation and management of built heritage, sites and antiquities.

9. Check illicit trafficking of antiquities through public awareness and data base on antiquities.

10. Conservation of selected unprotected monuments.

11. Help in formulating cultural policy of state and local level.

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