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Purpose and Criteria for recognition by the Ministry of Culture, India
I. Preamble

The Ministry of Culture, Government of India proposes to provide recognition to exceptional cultural heritage sites of National Significance within India through a well-defined process of identification, selection, nomination and inscription on the List called the ‘National Cultural Heritage Sites List’, henceforth “the List”.
The ‘National Cultural Heritage Sites List’ will be a distinct recognition given to exceptional national cultural built assets, different from other listings such as the World Heritage List, UNESCO’s Tentative List, List of monuments under the Archeological Survey of India and listing under the National Mission of Monuments and Antiquities.
Advantage of preparing the List will be as follows:
A) Sites on this List will immediately be recognized for outstanding contribution to the National Culture that includes History, Science/ Technology, Anthropology, Landscape, Art, and Architecture.
B) Sites on this List can aim to be proposed on the Tentative List and subsequently on the World Heritage List if they have potential for recognition of Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) and, if they can qualify the benchmarks for Site Management as per UNESCO’s World Heritage Operational Guidelines, 2013.
C) Once these properties qualify to the next level, i.e., Tentative List for World Heritage, they will be removed from the National List.
D) The listing under NMMA is a record of all heritage properties in the nation hence it will always retain the entire list of heritage sites including the ones on National List (in whole or parts as per definition for Built Heritage under NMMA).
Since the recognition of National Cultural Heritage Sites is based on the Outstanding National Value which is not defined in any of the existing acts such as AMASRA or even the Operational Guidelines for World Heritage; an adapted version of the definition from the World Heritage OG is used here to define the cultural heritage sites and their outstanding national value.
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