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Museums – Konarak


Archaeological Museum, Konarak
(District Puri, Orissa)

The museum housing the fallen sculptures and architectural members of the Sun temple was shifted to the present museum building in 1968. The present museum is located little away from the main temple in the north direction.

The museum has four galleries displaying 260 various antiquities retrieved from the clearance work of Sun temple. Besides, it has a rich reserve collection.

The first gallery has 62 antiquities many of the sculptures retrieved from the Sun temple complex have been displayed in this gallery. The image of Surya in sand stone the sculpture in chlorite stone include the king in discussion, marriage scenes, the various incarnations of Visnu, etc. The Khandolite built reconstructed wheel which has been displayed by collecting the various portions of the wheel. Besides, other important antiquities have been displayed in the showcases.

The second gallery has 108 antiquities on display. The reconstructed wall of temple, cult objects like dikpals and celestial nymphs, the head of the crocodile in gigantic nature, the flora and fauna carved on stone, the drummer, etc. are among main display in the gallery.

The third gallery has 45 objects. The huge figures of superb workmanship have been displayed in this gallery include celestial nymphs, image of Surya Narayana, Gaja-Vyala, the king and his troop. Some erotic figures are also exhibited in this gallery. Many of the images have also been displayed in the show cases.

The fourth gallery is recently organized and has 45 artifacts on display. The objects include roaring lion, man tied by the elephant trunk, crocodile head meant for pranala in the temple, part of a Surya image and king witnessing dance performance, erotic couples, salabhanjikas, elephants on pilaster, scroll works and swans taking the garland etc.

The corridor is utilized by display of images of various ancient monuments and archaeological sites of Orissa displaying evolution and development of Orissan architecture.

Opening Hours : 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Closed on – Friday

Entrance Fee :
Rs. 5/- per head
(Children up to 15 years free)

For more informations, Please visit:
Contact detail

Dr. Prasanna Kumar Dikshit,
Assistant Superintending Archaeologist,
Archaeological Museum, Archaeological Survey of India,
Konark- 752 111
District Puri, Orissa
Ph: 06758-236822

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