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Museum – Vaishali


Archaeological Museum, Vaishali
(District Vaishali, Bihar)

The museum was set up in 1971 to preserve the antiquities found during exploration and excavation in and around the area. It has four galleries.

The first gallery displays the terracotta objects like human figurines, Naigamesha, mother and child, Durga, plaque of Buddha, another plaque showing image of Bodhisattva and a female figure. In addition to this stone Chhatravali, moulded bricks and brick tiles are also on display.

The important exhibits in the second gallery are terracotta figurines of ram, elephant, horse, bull, dog, monkey, birds, snake hood, seals and sealings, wheel, rattle, dabber, beads, toilet pan of terracotta, copper punch marked and cast coins, etc.

Potsherds of NBP and PGW, objects like antler, bone, bangle, arrowheads, iron and copper implements like knife, nail, bell, etc. are displayed in the third gallery.

The fourth gallery contains exhibits like earthen ware such as bowl, dish, miniature vessel, vase, lamp, inkpot, lid bell, sprinkler and spout etc.

Opening Hours : 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Closed on – Friday

Entrance Fee :
Rs. 10/- per head
(Children up to 15 years free)

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Contact detail

Dr. Jalaj Kumar Tiwari
Assistant Superintending Archaeologist,
Archaeological Museum, Archaeological Survey of India,Vaishali, District Vaishali, Bihar
Ph: 06224-229404 (t-f)
e-mail: vaishalimuseum[dot]asi[at]gmail[dot]com

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