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Museum – Sri Suryapahars


The Archaeological Site Museum, Sri Suryapahar
(District Goalpara, Assam)

Sri Suryapahar is located 14 km east of Goalpara town in the lower Assam of the Brahmaputra valley. As the name implies was perhaps associated with the cult of sun worship since time immemorial. The site is rich with numerous rock carvings of brahmanical pantheon, rock-cut votive stupas and rock carvings of Tirthankaras of Jaina affiliations dated back from early Christian era to c. 12th century AD.

Archaeological excavations at the site have yielded numerous antiquities from the remains of two temple complexes datable from c. 6th to 12th century AD. Substantial terracotta art objects and stone antiquities are accumulated through these excavations. The noted discovery among the stone sculpture are the image of a Mahisasuramardini, stella fragments depicting kirttimukhas, Vidhyadaras, decorative objects, terracotta plaques, carved bricks, etc. Out of 173 antiquities in the museum, 93 are displayed in three galleries.

Opening Hours : 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Closed on – Friday

Entrance Fee : Free

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Contact detail
Shri Himangshu Rabha,
Assistant Archaeologist,
Archaeological Museum Archaeological Survey of India, Sri Suryapahar, District Goalpara, Assam

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