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Museum – Jageshwar


Archaeolgical Museum, Jageshwar
(District Almora, Uttaranchal)

The sculpture shed constructed in the year 1995 at Jegeshwar was converted into museum in 2000. It houses 174 sculptures, found in the region from the temple of the Jageshwar group, Dandeshwar group and Kuber group of temples, and are datable from 9th to 13th century AD.

Museum has two galleries displaying the exhibits. In the first gallery are 36 sculpture kept in two wall show cases and wooden pedestals. The masterpieces of the gallery are Uma-Maheshwar, Surya and Navgrahas. The image of Uma-Maheshwar having flying celestials, fully ornamented Parvati is siting on the lap of Shiva. The beautiful sculpture of Surya holding lotus in both hands is fully ornamented. Arun (the charioteer) and seven horses are shown at lower side and the rare sculpture of Navgrahas having Surya, Soma, Mangala, Budha, Brrhaspati, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu are in standing posture.

In the second gallery are 18 sculpture exhibited on the wooden pedestals. This gallery is having unique examples of Uttaranchal art as the Vishapaharanamurti (Shiva drinking poison) of Shiva, Kevalamurti and four armed Chamunda with emaciated body, shrunken belly, protruding ribs and veins, sunken eyes and holding munda in her left hand are the faithful representations of the art of this region.

The central hall of the museum has been constructed to display the main attraction of the region known as “Pona Raja” sculpture and other valuable sculpture of the Jageshwar region. The beautiful sculpture of “Pona Raja” belong to the local king or cult and highly popular and respected one in the region.

Opening Hours : 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Closed on – Friday

Entrance Fee :
Admission to the Museum is free.

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Contact detail
Manoj Kumar Joshi
Assistant Superintending Archaeologist, Archaeological Museum, Archaeological Survey of India, Jageshwar – 263 623
District Almora, Uttarachal
Ph: 05962-263108

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