"Submitting of application for Exploration / Exacavation for the field season 2022-2023 - reg."

National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities


Mandate of the National Mission

1. Preparation of a National Register of Built Heritage, Sites and Antiquities.

2. Setting up of State Level data base on built heritage, sites and antiquarian wealth for information and dissemination to planners, researchers etc., and for better management of such cultural resources. It attempts to create a systematic, accessible and retrievable inventory of the built heritage, sites and antiquarian heritage of the country.

3. Promote awareness programmes concerning the benefits of preserving the historical and cultural aspects of built heritage, sites and antiquities.

4. Extending training facility and capacity building to the concerned State Departments, local bodies, NGO’s, Universities, Museums, Communities etc. in the field of conservation of built heritage, and preservation and management of antiquarian remains.

5. Developing synergy between institutions like ASI, State Departments, concerned institutions and NGO’s to generate close interaction.

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