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Konarak – Sun Temple – Mayadevi Temple

Mayadevi Temple


The temple of Mayadevi is located to the southwest of the Temple 1 which consists of a sanctum and a porch on plan. A narrow apron of khondolite stone is placed all around the temple complex. The temple was exposed from the sea sand during the first decade of the last century and since then associated with Mayadevi, popularly believed to be one of the wives of Surya. However, the evidence indicates that this temple could have belonged to Surya himself, as this temple is dated earlier to the Main Temple (Temple 1).

The sanctum was again empty when the debris was cleared. The tradition attributes that the image, known as Ramachandi which is under worship in a temple nearly 8 km from Konarak originally belonged to this temple. The tradition also attributes that Ramachandi left Konarak stealthily when the Muslims under Kalapahad overran the temple.

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