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Filming in Protected Monuments


Q. Is videography is permitted in protected monuments?
Ans. One can undertake video filming from exterior of a protected monument provided it is for non-commercial purpose and does not involve any cast and use of a stand or in any way interfere with customary and religious practices and work.For undertaking video filming in the monuments which are specified in the Second Schedule and where entrance fee is charged video-filming shall be permitted on payment of Rs. 25/-.

Q. Is filming permitted in the protected monuments?
Ans. No person other than archaeological officer shall undertake any filming operation at a protected monument or part thereof except under and in accordance with the terms and conditions of licence granted by the Director-General.

Q. How can one get licence for filming?
Ans. Any person intending to undertake any filming operation at a protected monument shall apply to the Director-General in Form IX.Application shall be made at least three months before the proposed date of the commencement of such operation.The Director-General may grant a licence on payment of a fee of Rs. 5,000 (rupees five thousand) in case of professionals and other agencies.

Q. What are the general conditions of filming licence?

Ans. The licence for filming is granted with conditions that –·

  • It shall be valid for the period specified therein,
  • Nothing shall be done by the licensee or any member of his party which has, or may have, the effect of exposing any part of the monument or attached lawn or garden to the risk of damage
  • The filming operation shall be restricted to that part of the monument in respect of which the licence has been granted
  • Shall not film the interior of any protected monument, that is to say such part of any protected monument as is covered by a roof of any description
  • No extraneous matter, such as water, oil, grease or the like, shall be applied on any part of the monument
  • The generating plant for electric power, wherever required, shall be placed away from the monument or the attached lawn or garden
  • The filming operation shall not obstruct or hamper the movement of persons who may lawfully be within the precincts of the monument;
  • Any other condition which the Director General may specify in the licence
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