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Excavations – Bhirrana

Bhirrana, A Harappan Town

Excavations by the ASI at Bhirrana (290 33’ N; 750 33’ E), (on the left bank of River Ghaggar), district Fatehabad, Haryana since 2003, has revealed a 4.5 m cultural sequence consisting of Hakra Ware, Early and Mature Harappan cultures. A transitional phase in between the Early and Mature Harappan cultures is also noticed.
The earliest period, of the Hakra Ware culture, consisted of sub-terranean circular pit dwellings cut into the natural soil. These pit dwelling are noticed to the north of the Harappan town, and below the Early Harappan structures of the town.
The Mature Harappan town consisted of a fortified settlement with two major divisions. The cultural remains consists of pottery repertoire of different kinds, antiquities of copper, faience, steatite, shell, semi-precious stones like agate, carnelian, chalcedony, jasper, lapis lazuli, and terracotta.

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