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Excavations – 2000-2005 – Uttar Pradesh


Madarpur, dt. Moradabad
The site is located on the bank of small tributary of Ramganga near village Madarpur in Thakurdwara tehsil of Moradabad. 31 copper anthropomorphic figures were discovered in 2000 near a brick kiln from a chance discovery. Excavation at the site was conducted during 2000-01 with a view to know the associated material culture of the copper antiquities and to know the cultural sequence of the site . The excavation has revealed remains of a single culture belonging to Ochre Coloured Pottery culture. Open hearths were exposed during excavation. The antiquities from the site include , terracotta toy cart frame, toy cart wheel, sling ball, stone pestle fragments and querns . The pottery include OCP red ware and associated coarse ware. The OC ware are mostly fine fabric where as the associated ware are of coarse fabric due to addition of sand as tempering material. Many sherds of associated ware are found decorated with cord impression, mostly horizontal bands. Few red ware sherds are found decorated with incised decorations. Sherds of perforated pots are also found from the excavation.

Katingra, dt. Etah
The site was subjected to excavation during the field season 2001-02 with a view to know the cultural sequence. The excavation has revealed a cultural sequence of the site ranging from PGW to Medieval period. The antiquities include beads of semi-precious stones, beads of terracotta, bone points, and few fragments of Gupta terracottas.

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