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The Circles carry out archaeological fieldwork, research activities and implement the various provisions of the AMASR Act, 1958 and Antiquities and Art Treasures Act 1972. This may include the following:

  1. Carrying out village-to-village survey of antiquarian remains; exploration of archaeological sites, documentation of loose sculptures;
  2. Excavation of archaeological sites;
  3. Conservation and day-to-day maintenance of protected monuments;
  4. Providing basic amenities at the monuments for tourists;
  5. Issuing permission for filming, photography and cultural programmes at the protected monuments;
  6. Organising public awareness programmes on various occasions like Word Heritage Day (April 18), World Heritage Week (November 17-25), Museum Day (May 18) and other important occasions;
  7. Registration of antiquities and issuing non-antiquity certificates;
  8. Interaction with various universities and research institutions. Wing.
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