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Chandigarh Circle


Office of the Superintending Archaeologist
Archaeological Survey of India
Bay 51-52, Sector 31/A
Chandigarh, 160030
Website: www.asibbsrcircle.in

1.Smt. Kamei AthoiluKabui
Email: circlechandigarh[dot]asi[at]gov[dot]in
Superintending Archaeologist
Phone: 0172-2638246
Fax: 0172-2638246
2.Shri Anil Kumar Tiwari
Deputy Superintending Archaeologist
Phone: 0172-2993150
3.Dr. Arakhita Pradhan
Assistant Superintending Archaeologist
4.Shri M.C. Sharma
Assistant Superintending Archaeological Engineer
5.Shri Pankaj Kumar Bhardwaj
Assistant Archaeologist
6.Smt. Kiran Ratan
Junior Administrative Officer
7.Shri Sunil Kumar Matto
Junior Administrative Officer
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