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Archaeological Museum, Thanesar


The Museum situated within the Sheikh Chilli’s Complex, Kurukshetra houses the archaeological finds recovered during excavations from the sites of Kurukshetra and Bhagwanpura in two galleries.

The Kurukshetra Gallery with its 8 walls and 4 free-standing showcases exhibit the selected materials of different cultural periods. Excavations have revealed a sequence of 6 cultural periods ranging from Kushana (1st -3rd century AD), Gupta (4th – 6th century AD). Post Gupta on Vardhana (6th -7th Cent. AD) Rajput (8th-12th Cent. AD). The significant finds in the galleryinclude seals and sealings, terracotta figurines terracotta plaques, ornaments, swords etc. apart from some exquisite sculptural specimens.

In the Bhagwanpura Gallery materials the excavated site of Bhagwanpura, located on the right bank of the Saraswati at a distance of 24 km, north-east of Kurukshetra are displayed. Excavations at the site revealed a 2-fold sequence of cultures.

The significance of this Harappan site lies in the fact that it represents the interlocking of the Late Harappan Culture with that of Painted Grey Ware Culture in the late phases of occupation of the mound. Important finds include a humped bull shaped carnelian pendent, diverse varieties of beads of terracotta as well as of semi-precious stones, pottery and models of intact graves, etc.

Timings of visit: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.
Closed on – Friday

Contact Details:
Shri Jitendra Sharma,
Assistant Archaeologist,
Archaeological Museum, Archaeological Survey of India,
Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb,Thanesar, Haryana
Ph: 01744-235922 (t-f)
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