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Alphabetical List of Monuments – West Bengal


Kolkata Circle, West Bengal

SL.No Name of the monument / site Location District
1. Chandraketu’s Fort Berachampa 24 Parganas (North)
2. Ancient mound known as Barah Mihirer Dhipi also known as
Khana Mihirer Dhibi
Deulia Kaukipara 24 Parganas (North)
3. Clive’s House Dum Dum known as Barakothi Dum Dum 24 Parganas (North)
4. 26 Siva Temples Barrakpore – Khardah 24 Parganas (North)
5. Warren Hasting’s House Barasat 24 Parganas (North)
6. Jhater Deul Temple Jhata 24 Parganas (South)
7. Ancient Temple Bahulara Bankura
8. Dalmadal Gun and the platform on which it is mounted Bishnupur Bankura
9. Gate of Old Fort Bishnupur Bankura
10. Jore Mandir Bishnupur Bankura
11. Jore Bangla Temple Bishnupur Bankura
12. Kalachand Temple Bishnupur Bankura
13. Lalji Temple Bishnupur Bankura
14. Madan Gopal Temple Bishnupur Bankura
15. Madan Mohan Temple Bishnupur Bankura
16. Malleswar Temple Bishnupur Bankura
17. Murali Mohan Temple Bishnupur Bankura
18. Nanda Lal Temple Bishnupur Bankura
19. Patpur Temple Bishnupur Bankura
20. Radha Binod Temple Bishnupur Bankura
21. Radha Gobinda Temple Bishnupur Bankura
22. Radha Madhab Temple Bishnupur Bankura
23. Radha Shyam Temple Bishnupur Bankura
24. Rasmancha Bishnupur Bankura
25. Shyam Rai Temple Bishnupur Bankura
26. Small sateway of fort Bishnupur Bankura
27. Stone chariot Bishnupur Bankura
28. Saileswar Temple Dihar Bankura
29. Sareswar Temple Dihar Bankura
30. Temple of Radha Damodar Jew Ghatgoria Bankura
31. Gokul Chand Temple Gokulnagar Bankura
32. Temple of Ratneswar Jagannath pur Bankura
33. Temple of Shyam Sunder Madanpur Bankura
34. Temple site now represented only by a mound and a statue of
Pareshnath Bankura
35. Temple site of an old Jain Temple now represented only by a
Mound with a Jain statue
Pareshnath Bankura
36. Image of Durga slaying Mahisasura under a tree Sarengarh Bankura
37. Temple site now represented only by a mound Sarengarh Bankura
38. Temple site now represented only by a Mound with statues of
Ganesh and Nandi on it
Sarengarh Bankura
39. Temple site now represented only by a mound with an Image of
Nandi on it
Sarengarh Bankura
40. Rock Inscription of Chandra Varman Susunia Hill Bankura
41. Temple of Radha Binod commonly known as Joydeb Joydeb-Kenduli Birbhum
42. Temple of Dharmaraj Kubilashpur Birbhum
43. Two mounds Bhadeswar Birbhum
44. Temple of Basuli and the mound together with fourteen other
temples near them containing the Linga images of Shiva
Nanoor Birbhum
45. Temple and Rasmancha (Damodar Temple) Suri Birbhum
46. Two ancient temples (joined together) Baidyapur Burdwan
47. Rudreswar Temple Bamunara Burdwan
48. Group of four Ancient Temples Begunia Burdwan
49. Tomb of Baharam Sakka, Sher Afghan and Nawab Qutabuddin Burdwan Burdwan
50. Stone Temple Garui Burdwan
51. Temple of Ichai Ghosh Gourangpur Burdwan
52. Ancient site Nadhia Burdwan
53. Jain brick temple known as Sat-Deul Deulia Burdwan
54. Group of temples (12 nos. temples)

(i) 1 Bijoy Vaidyanath Temple

(ii) 2 Giri Gobardhan Temple

(iii) 3 Gopalji Temple,

(iv) Jaleswar Temple

(v) Krishna Chandraji Temple

(vi) Lalji Temple,

(vii) Nava-Kailasha Temple

(viii) Pancharatna Temple

(ix) Pratapeswar Siva Temple in Rajbari compound

(x) Rameswar Temple,

(xi) Ratneswar Temple

(xii) Rupeswar Temple

Kalna Burdwan
55. Ancient site and remains of Panduk Rajar Dhipi Panduk Burdwan
56. Ancient mound Bharatpur Burdwan
57. Cooch Behar Palace Cooch Bihar Cooch


58. Rajpath Site Khalsa Gasanimari Cooch


59. Tomb of Alexander-Cosma de Koros Darjeeling Darjeeling
60. Tomb of General Llyod Darjeeling Darjeeling
61. Dargah of Shah Ata Ganga


Dinajpur (South)
62. Mounds Bangarh (Ganga


Dinajpur (West)
63. Haneswari and Vasudev temples Bansberia Hooghly
64. Dutch Cemetery together with all tombs monuments
contained therein
Chinsurah Hooghly
65. Dutch Memorial monument of Susan Anna Maria Chinsurah Hooghly
66. Group of temples known as Brindaban Chandra’s Math Guptipara Hooghly
67. Mounds Mahanad Hooghly
68. Minar Pandua Hooghly
69. Mosque Pandua Hooghly
70. Mosque Tombs Satgaon Hooghly
71. i) Danish Cemetery

ii) All ancient structures, all tombs stone monument remains
and inscriptions within the area enclosed by the said walls

Serampore Hooghly
72. Shrine and Mosque known as Dargah of Zafar Khan Gazi Tribeni Hooghly
73. Dupleix Palace(Institute de Chandan Nagar) Chandan Nagar Hooghly
74. Sri Mayer Ghat Howrah Howrah
75. Metcalfe Hall Kolkata Kolkata
76. St. John’s Church (Fabrics of the Church) (final
notification not issued)
Kolkata Kolkata
77. Currency Building Dalhousie Square Kolkata
78. Asiatic Society Building Park Street Kolkata
79. Maghen David Synagogue Ward No. 45 Kolkata
80. Beth-el-Synagogue Pollock Street Kolkata
81. Adina Mosque Pandua (Adina) Malda
82. Baisgazi Wall Gaur Malda
83. Baraduary Masjid or the Great Golden Mosque Gaur Malda
84. Bhita of Chand Sadagar Gaur Malda
85. Chamkati Masjid Gaur Malda
86. Chika Masjid Gaur Malda
87. Dakhil darwaza Gaur Malda
88. Firoz Minar Gaur Malda
89. Gumti Gateway Gaur Malda
90. Gunmant Mosque Gaur Malda
91. Kotwali Darwaja Gaur Malda
92. Lottan Masjid Gaur Malda
93. Lukachuri Gateway Gaur Malda
94. Qadam Rasul Mosque Gaur Malda
95. Tomb of Fateh Khan Gaur Malda
96. Tantipara Masjid Gaur Malda
97. Two tombs in front of Tantipura Masjid Gaur Malda
98. Two stone pillars Gaur Malda
99. Tower Nimasarai Malda
100. Eklakhi Mausoleum Pandua Malda
101. Qutub Shahi Masjid Pandua Malda
102. Dharmaraj Temple Pathra Midanapur
103. Temples of Bandyopadhyay Family Pathra Midanapur
104. Sitala Temples Pathra Midanapur
105. Navratna Temple Complex Pathra Midanapur
106. Kurambera Fort Gaganeswar Midnapore
107. John Pierce Tomb Midnapore Midnapore
108. Tomb of Azimunnisha Begum daughter of Murshid Quli Khan Azimnagar Murshidabad
109. Residency Cemetery also known as ‘Station Burial ground’ Babulbona Beharampore Murshidabad
110. Bhavaniswar Mandir Baranagar Murshidabad
111. Char Bangla group of four Siva Mandirs Baranagar Murshidabad
112. Tomb of Mir Mardan Faridpur Murshidabad
113. Dutch Cemetery Kalikapur Murshidabad
114. Old English Cemetery or Old Residency Burial Ground Kashim Bazar Murshidabad
115. Mosque Kheraul Murshidabad
116. Tomb of Alivardi Khan the tomb of Seraj-ud-daullah Khosbag Murshidabad
117. Mound known as Barkona Deul Mound Panchthupi Murshidabad
118. Mounds known as the Devil’s Mound and Raja Karna’s Palace Rangamati Murshidabad
119. Tomb of Sujauddin Roshnibag Murshidabad
120. Tomb Mosque of Murhsid Kuli Khan Sabz Katra Murshidabad
121. Jahan Kosa Gun Topkhana Murshidabad
122. Hazarduari Palace Imambara (Murshidabad) Killa Nizamat Murshidabad
123. South Gate, Kella Nezamat Lalbag Murshidabad
124. Imambara, Kella Nezamat Lalbag Murshidabad
125. White Mosque, Kella Nezamat Lalbag Murshidabad
126. Yellow Mosque, Kella Nezamat Lalbag Murshidabad
127. Tripolia Gate, Kella Nizamat Lalbag Murshidabad
128. Nil Kuthi Mound Mouza Chak ,Chandpara Murshidabad
129. Motijheel Jama Mosque Murshidabad Murshidabad
130. Mound known as Bahanpukur Mound or Fort Bamanpukur Nadia
131. Ruins of Fort Bamanpukur Nadia
132. Temple Palpara Nadia
133. Tamluk Rajbati Padumbasan, Tamluk Purba Medinipur
134. Old Temple at Banda Banda Purulia
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