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Alphabetical List of Monuments – Tripura


Guwahati Circle, Tripura

SL.No Name of the monument / site Location District
1 Sculptures and rock-cut relief of Unakuti Tirtha, Unakuti Range, Unakuti Range North Tripura
2 Ancient Remains, Baxanagar, Baxanagar West Tripura
3 Gunavati Group of Temples, Radha Kishorpur, Radha Kishorpur South Tripura
4 Temple of Chaturdasa Devata, Radha Kishorpur, Kishorpur South Tripura
5 Bhubaneswari Temple, Rajnagar, Rajnagar South Tripura
6. Thakurani Tilla, Paschim Pillak, Pillak South Tripura
7. Ancient Mound called Shyamsundar Ashram Tilla, Baikhora Jolaibari Baikhora Jolaibari South Tripura
8. Ancient Mound known  Puja Khola, Paschim Pillak, Paschim Pillak South Tripura
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