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Alphabetical List of Monuments – Patna Circle


Patna Circle, Uttar Pradesh

SL.No Name of the monument / site Location District
1. Monuments of Captains Wilsons and Jones and eleven privated of 13th Infantry Azamgarh Azamgarh
2. Mutiny Monuments Azamgarh Azamgarh
3. Old British Cemetery Azamgarh Azamgarh
4. Ancient site called Garba-ka-kot or Rajbhar-ka-lot Garhwa Azamgarh
5. Ancient Site measuring 7acres and 800 links in Khasra No. 384 Garhwa Azamgarh
6. Tomb of Abhiman Mehnagar Azamgarh
7. Incribed stone Pillar Pakri Azamgarh
8. A banya Grove containing traces of ancient building Amavey Ballia
9. Long Mound Bairant Chandalui
10. Small conical mound of ruins called Devi-ka-sthan Bairant Chandalui
11. Ancient site consisting of ruined fort Bairant Chandalui
12. Large rectangular shaped mound Bairant Chandalui
13. Large mound of brick ruins Dhanapur Chandalui
14. Three sites with megaliths on the western and north eastern
of the hill
Hathinia Hill Chandalui
15. Conical Stupa-shaped mound Amaoni Deoria
16. Inscribed Monolith of rough grey sand stone remains locally
known as ‘Lat’ or ‘Gada’ of Parasram
Bhagalpur Deoria
17. Inscribed stone pillar Kahaon (ancient Kakubha) Deoria
18. Two ruined Temples Kahaon Deoria
19. Circular shaped mound and the remains of a stupa Chetiaon Kushinagar
20. Large dih or mound Chetiaon Kushinagar
21. Large flat-topped mound of ruins called Jharmatiya Chetiaon Kushinagar
22. Mound of Brick ruins called Asmanpur dih Chetiaon Kushinagar
23. Mound of ruins called Sareya Chetiaon Kushinagar
24. Mound in eastern extension of the stupa site at S.No.3 Chetiaon Kushinagar
25. Ancient site known as Fazilnagar ka kot Fazilnnagar Kushinagar
26. Ancient Site Khukhunda and Sajhwar Deoria
27. Long low mound of ruins Khukhunda Deoria
28. Extensive mound Sohnag Deoria
29. Dih or mound apparently the remains of a Buddhist stupa Tarakulwa Deoria
30. Ancient Site Rudarpur Deoria
31. High square shaped mound Rudarpur Deoria
32. Mound known as Masaon-Dih Aonrihar Ghazipur
33. Bridge on the Ganga Nadi Bhimapur Ghazipur
34. Bhitari Gupta-pillar with an inscription of Skanda-Gupta
standing in the ruined fort
Bhitari Ghazipur
35. Entire ruined fort enclosure with projecting tower at the
corners and numbrows mound
Bhitari Ghazipur
36. Remains of the Gupta period Bhitari Ghazipur
37. Mound of ruins with remains of temples and other buildings Dildarnagar Ghazipur
38. Dih or mound of ruins called Suiri-ka-Raj Ghazipur Ghazipur
39. Lord Cornwallis Tomb Ghazipur Ghazipur
40. Stone lat or pillar standing on the Western end of a mound of
brick ruins and the capital the pillar lying on the ground
Latiya Ghazipur
41. High Khera Masaondi Ghazipur
42. Mound of ruins Masaondi Ghazipur
43. Two statues representing Varaha or the Boar incarnation and
Krishan with Gopis
Saidpur Ghazipur
44. Extensive brick-builder Shaikhanpur Ghazipur
45. Extensive remains of a very large cient city Barhi Gorakhpur
46. A Series of enormous mounds Barhiapur or Bhadar Khas Gorakhpur
47. Three high conical mounds of brick which are evidently the
ruins of stupas
Chaora Gorakhpur
48. Extensive Mound Gopalpur Gorakhpur
49. Large and high mound, the ruins of the ancient Domangarh Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
50. Ancient site covered with mounds of brick ruins and
containing an ancient masonry well
Gugaha Gorakhpur
51. Atala Masjid Jaunpur Jaunpur
52. Cemetery of seven kings of teh Sharqi Dynasty Jaunpur Jaunpur
53. Fort Jaunpur Jaunpur
54. Hamam or Turkish Bath in the Old Fort Jaunpur Jaunpur
55. Jhanjhari Masjid Jaunpur Jaunpur
56. Juma Masjid Jaunpur Jaunpur
57. Khalis Mukhalis or Chan Ungli Masjid Jaunpur Jaunpur
58. Khanqah or tombs of Sharqi kings of Jaunpur and the chamber
for the royal mourner
Jaunpur Jaunpur
59. Lal masjid (Lal Darwaja) Jaunpur Jaunpur
60. Qalich Khan ka Maqbara Jaunpur Jaunpur
61. Rouza of Shah Firoz Jaunpur Jaunpur
62. Stone group of a gigantic lion standing on a small elephant.
It is lying on Akbar’s bridge.
Jaunpur Jaunpur
63. Tomb of Nawab Ghazi Khan Jaunpur Jaunpur
64. Gateway of Hazrat Chirag-i-Hiud’s Palace Zafrabad Jaunpur
65. Sheikh Burhan’s Mosque Zafrabad Jaunpur
66. Walls of the old Kankar Fort of Jayachandra Zafrabad Jaunpur
67. Large mound covered with broken bricks and a few statues Padrauna Kushinagar
68. Mound of brick ruins Sahiya Kushinagar
69. 1) Alofty mound of solid brick work, called deisthan or
Rambhar Bhavani

2) An oblong mound mound called the fort of Matha Kuar which
is covered with broken bricks and on which stands a much ruined
brick stupa, a large statue of buddha, the ascetic; a colossal
statue representing Buddha’s Nirvan

3) A low square mound covered with broken bricks near the
barrows scattered over plain to the north and east of the great

Kasia Kushinagar
70. Ancient Site Ghosi Mau
71. Several caves in the Top Hill Adhesar Mirza pur
72. Ruined Stone Fort Lalitpur Ahraura Mirza pur
73. Bhardari Devi ka Pahar containing Asokan inscription Ahravrakhas Mirza pur
74. Remains of Three Small Linga Temple circa 1000AD. Ahugi Mirza pur
75. Ruins of a Saiva Temple Ahugi Mirza pur
76. Mound known as Sangram Sahi-ki–Pahari Bhagdewar Mirza pur
77. Cave called khoh containing two early Kutila inscriptions on
the rock inside
Bhulli Mirza pur
78. Inscribed Pillar Belkhara Mirza pur
79. British Cemetery Chunar Mirza pur
80. Durga Khoh Chunar Mirza pur
81. Inscribed slab Halliya Mirza pur
82. British Cemetery Mirza pur Mirza pur
83. Iftekhar Khan’s Tomb Saryan Sikandarpur Mirza pur
84. A life sized figure locally known as Sankata Devi Sheopur Mirza pur
85. British Cemetery Sultanpur Mirza pur
86. Remains of temple on an island in the bed of the river at
Ramgayaghat including two inscribed stones
Vindhyachal Mirza pur
87. Fragments of sculptures, one of which is a Krishnasthambha
lying on the bank of the Ganga on a chabutra at the Ramgaya
Vindhyachal Mirza pur
88. Kantil Fort Vindhyachal Mirza pur
89. Bharasthi Devi remains of a Mediaeval Temple Vindhyachal Mirza pur
90. British Cemetery Gopiganj Santravidas nagar
91. Pakka masonary Fort Vijay Garh Sonbhadra
92. Cemetery Chaitganj Varanasi
93. Remains of a Fine Massive brick fort Chandravati Varanasi
94. Ancient Buddhist Site known as Cahukhandi stupa Ganj and Baraipur Varanasi
95. Old Ruined Kot (Fortress) Hatimpur Varanasi
96. Ancient buddhist site of Sarnath, including the Dhamek stupa,
Jagat Singh Stupa, the monastery of Major Kitlee and all the
monuments excavated by Mr. Certal in 1984-85 with an area of
53.04 acres, including government land measuring 21.94 acres
Paraipur, Khajuhi Ganj(Varanasi) Varanasi
97. Closed Cemetery Rajghat Varanasi
98. Tomb of Lal Khan Rajghat Varanasi
99. The whole area to the east of the buddhist site explored by
the Archaoelogical department extending upto the limits of the
lake named Narokhar
Sarnath Varanasi
100. Graves of European Officers Shivala Varanasi
101. Khera or Mound representing the ancient Sukalpura Sukalpura Chandalui
102. Ancient Mound Tilmapur Varanasi
103. Dharahra Mosque (Aurangzeb Mosque ) Varanasi Varanasi
104. Lt. Col. Pogson’s Tomb Varanasi Varanasi
105. Mutiny Monuments Varanasi Varanasi
106. Observatory of Mansingh Varanasi Varanasi
107. Pahlapur inscribed Lat or monolith now standing in the
compound of the Queen’s College
Varanasi Varanasi
108. Tablet on the Treasury Building Varanasi Varanasi
109. Telia Nala Buddhist Ruins Varanasi Varanasi
110. Two Graves at Old Artilery lines Varanasi Varanasi
111. Victoria Memorial Varanasi Varanasi
112. Ancient site and archaeological remains Radrauli Maharjganj
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