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Alphabetical List of Monuments – Maharashtra – Nagpur


Nagpur Circle, Maharashtra

SL.No Name of the monument / site Location District
1. Dahihanda gate of outer city wall. Akola Akola
2. Khirki gate in the outer city wall Akola Akola
3. South -East bastion of the outer city wall together with 10 years of  the adjacent wall on each
side, variously known as panch Burj Hasrath Yab and containing a persion inscription.
Akola Akola
4. Balapur fort Balapur Akola
5. Chhatri near Dak Banglow Balapur Akola
6. Black stone temple of Bhawani Barsi Takil Akola
7. Narnala Fort :
i  Akot Gateway,     
ii  Ambar Mahal
iii  Delhi Gateway ,   
iv  Large Two smaller Guns
v   Mahakali Gateway, 
vi  Mendheao Gateway
vii  Shahapur Gateway,
viii  Sirpur Gateway
ix  Small Mosque,
x  Tank buikt to contain Oil Ghee.
Patur Akola
8. Patur Cave (Two Cave) Patur Akola
9. Tank in front of tomb of Lalkhan Amner Akola
10. Tomb  of Lalkhan Amner Amaravati
11. Gawilgarh Fort ( The walls the whole area contained by them) Chikalda Amaravati
12. City wall of  Nawab Ismail Khan Bllichpur (Achalpur) Amaravati
13. Dula Gate Bllichpur (Achalpur) Amaravati
14. Haripura Gate Bllichpur (Achalpur) Amaravati
15. Hauz Katora Bllichpur (Achalpur) Amaravati
16. Jiwanpura Gate Bllichpur (Achalpur) Amaravati
17. Temple of Anandeshwar Lasur Amaravati
18. Area containing the old remains of two temples consisting of a collection of Massive stones in two
separate heaps, One immediately outside padampur to the north the other
immediately to the south of Ganeshpur
Padampur Bhandara
19. Remains of the temple to the North of the Village Padampur Bhandara
20. Remains of the temple to the North-west of  the village Padampur Bhandara
21. Remains of the temple close to the south of the  village  Ganeshpur Padampur Bhandara
22. Remains of the  temple locally known as Nath Bawa Padampur Bhandara
23. Fort Pratapgrah Bhandara
24. All the remains of the circumambulation wall of Pauni Fort Pauni Bhandara
25. Ancient mounds on which the modern temple of jagannath stands Pauni Bhandara
26. Mound known as  Hardulala-ki-Tekri Pauni Bhandara
27. Cromlesh known as ‘Tillota'(Frying Pan) Pipalgaon Bhandara
28. Moti Samadhi Deulgaon Raja Buldhana
29. Three old Temples Dhotra Buldhana
30. Mosque Fathekheyda (Sakharkheda) Buldhana
31. Two old Temple Kothali Buldhana
32. Dharmasala locally called chhatri Lonar Buldhana
33. Fifteen Temple Lonar Buldhana
34. Gaimukha Temple Tank Lonar Buldhana
35. Gaimukha Temple No 1 of Daitya Sudana Lonar Buldhana
36. Square Kunda on the East of the Town Lonar Buldhana
37. Temple of Daitya  Sudana Lonar Buldhana
38. Dharmasala at North-East corner of the town Mehkar Buldhana
39. Mosque Rohinkhed Buldhana
40. Temple of Mahadev Sakegaon Buldhana
41. Temple of Vishnu, remains of an old  building to the east of that temple and remains of small temple Satgaon Buldhana
42. Tank Sindhkhed Raja Buldhana
43. Temple of Mahadev Sindhkhed Raja Buldhana
44. Lakhuji Jadhavrao’s Samadhi Sindhkhed Buldhana
45. Fort Wall Ballarpur Chandrapur
46. Fort Bhandak Chandrapur
47. Large high knoll immediately to the east of Bhandranath temple with remains of a temple, with
huge stone carved blocks a figure of Ganapati
Bhandak Chandrapur
48. Pandavas caves containing three images Bhandak Chandrapur
49. Achaleshwar Temple another small temple within an enclosure Chandrapur Chandrapur
50. Enclosure buldings of the Gond Raja’s Tomb just outside the Achaleshwar gate the city. Chandrapur Chandrapur
51. Fort Wall Chandrapur Chandrapur
52. Lalpeth monoliths consisting of the sixteen colosal stone images.
i.   Anna Purna, 
ii. Bhim,  
iii. Fish,  
iv.  Ganga 
v.  Ganpati,   
vi. Hanuman,
vii.  Hanuman,  
viii. Kali,  ix.   Mahadev,  
x.    Mahadev 
xi.  Nandi,      xii.  Rawan,
xiii. Snake, 
xiv. Tortoise      xv.   Ganpati
xvi. Ganga
Chandrapur Chandrapur
53. Mahadev Temple close to the Municipal office Chandrapur Chandrapur
54. Temple of the Mahakali Chandrapur Chandrapur
55. Temple of Keshavanath Churul Chandrapur
56. Ancient Temple        Deotek Chandrapur
57. Hemadpanthi Temple containing images of Dattatraya, Mahadev Laxminarayan Dhanora Chandrapur
58. Old Bridge Ghutkala Chandrapur
59. Old Temple of Chandikadevi Ghutkala Chandrapur
60. Remains of an old Fort Khatora Chandrapur
61. Temple of Mahadev Mahadwari Chandrapur
62. Temple of Mahadev Neri Chandrapur
63. Ramdigi temple Ramdigi pool Nimdhela Forest Chandrapur
64. Old Hemadpanthi Temple Palebaras Chandrapur
65. Old Temple of Mahadev Rajgarh Chandrapur
66. Old Temple Armori Gadchiroli
67. Stone Circle Arsoda Gadchiroli
68. Group of twenty cromlechs or Kistvaens Chamurshi Gadchiroli
69. Rock Caves Jharapapra Gadchiroli
70. Group of Temple Markanda Gadchiroli
71. Fortress of Tipagarh Murumgaon Gadchiroli
72. Large Temple Thanegaon Gadchiroli
73. Fort wall Waira Gadchiroli
74. Temple of Bhandareshwar Waira Gadchiroli
75. Remains of an old fort on the hill Bhiwagarh Nagpur
76. Fort Dpnagartal Nagpur
77. Temple of Mahadev Ghogra Nagpur
78. Stone Circle Junapani Nagpur
79. Stone Circle Ghorar Nagpur
80. Ancient Buddhist remains comprising monastery, stupas, Rock-cut inscription etc. Mansar Kahari Nagpur
81. Stone circle Nildho Nagpur
82. Kalimata’s Temple Ramtek Nagpur
83. Remains of a very old shrines upon the western ride at the end of the Remtek hill consisting of a
portion of porch of a temple and the mutilated image of Trivikram Avatara of
Ramtek Nagpur
84. Tank and  Mandapa opposite to the Dattatraya’s Temple Ramtek Nagpur
85. Stone Circle Takalghat Nagpur
86. Fort Paunar Wardha
87. Hemadapanthi  Temple of Mahadev NNeir Yeotmal
88. Temple of Goddess pandardevi Pandhardevi Yeotmal
89. Temple of Kamaleshwar Pathrot Yeotmal
90. Mahadev Temple Rant Swangi Yeotmal
91. Mahadev Temple Rui-Wai Yeotmal
92. Hemadpanthi Temple of Shree Mahadev ( Taponeshwar ) Tapona Yeotmal
93. Mahadev Temple Yelabara Yeotmal
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