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Alphabetical List of Monuments – Maharashtra – Aurangabad


Aurangabad Circle, Maharashtra

SL.No Name of the monument / site Location District
1. Damri Masjid Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
2. Gate near Niyamat Khan’s Place Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
3. Kotla of Twelve Imams Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
4. Mucca Masjid Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
5. Old tomb near Changiz Khan’s palace Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
6. Tomb of Nizam Ahmedshah Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
7. Hemadpanthi Temple Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
8. Dhokeshwar Caves Dhoke Ahmednagar
9. Building Known as Faria Bagh Ghotan Ahmednagar
10. Jain Temple Bhingar Cantonment Ahmednagar
11. Temple of Mallikarjuna Ghotan Ahmednagar
12. Cave Temple Harishchandra gad Ahmednagar
13. Jarasangh Nagari Jorve Ahmednagar
14. Temple of Mallikarjuna Karjat Ahmednagar
15. Temple of Shiva called Naktichedeul Karjat Ahmednagar
16. Old Temple Kokamthan Ahmednagar
17. Temple of Devi Mandavagaon Katrabad Ahmednagar
18. Salbathan’s Tomb Mohekari Ahmednagar
19. Temple of Shiva on the futher side of the stream Parner Ahmednagar
20. Baleshwar Temple Pedgaon Ahmednagar
21. Temple of Laxmi Narayan Pedgaon Ahmednagar
22. Temple of Amriteshwar Ratanwadi Ahmednagar
23. Triple shrined temple of
Tahakri Ahmednagar
24. Five Stone Gates Tisgaon Ahmednagar
25. Temple of Devi Toka Ahmednagar
26. Temple of Siddheshwar Mahadev Toka Ahmednagar
27. Temple of Vishnu Five Ghats at attached thereto. Toka Ahmednagar
28. Ancient sites and remains at Daimabad Daimabad (Ladgaon) Ahmednagar
29. Ancient site locally known as Ladmod Newasa Ahmednagar
30. Ajanta Caves Ajanta Aurangabad
31. Aurangabad Caves Aurangabad Aurangabad
32. Tomb of Rabia Daurani (Bibi-Ka-Maqbara) Aurangabad Aurangabad
33. Daulatabad Fort Monument therein (i.e. Chand Minar) Daulatabad Aurangabad
34. Ellora
Ellora Aurangabad
35. Tomb of Aurangazeb Khultabad Aurangabad
36. Tomb of Malik Ambar Khiltabad Aurangabad
37. Ancient Site / Mound Paithan Aurangabad
38. Pitalkhora
Paitalkhora Aurangabad
39. Ghrishneshwar Temple, chattries other ancient  sites Verul (Ellora) Aurangabad
40. Ukkadeshwar Mahadev Temple Ukkad Pimpri Bheed
41. Math Balsana Dhulia
42. Small Temple on Survey No.141 Balsana Dhulia
43. Temple of Durga Balsana Dhulia
44. Temple of Shiva Balsana Dhulia
45. Temple of the left side of shiva’s Temple in Survey No. 418 Balsana Dhulia
46. Temple in front of the above in Survey No. 418 Balsana Dhulia
47. Temple between Durga’s Temple and Math in Survey No. 141 Balsana Dhulia
48. Old gateways in the ruined fort caves Bhamer Dhulia
49. Seven Mohammedan Tombs Thalner Dhulia
50. Three Mohammedan Tombs Thalner Dhulia
51. Ancient site remains Prakasha Dhulia
52. Ancient mound monument known as Pawar’s Gadhi Bahal Jalgaon
53. Temple of Changdev Changdev Jalgaon
54. Temple of Debi Sambha Dighi Jalgaon
55. Maheswara Temple Patan Jalgaon
56. Temple of Chandika Devi Patan Jalgaon
57. Temple of Nagarjun Patan Jalgaon
58. Temple of Shringer Chavdi Patan Jalgaon
59. Mahadev Temple Sangameshwar Jalgaon
60. Mudhai Devi Temple Vaghli Jalgaon
61. Old Temple of Siddheshwar with three inscriptions slabs Vaghli Jalgaon
62. Ancient site and remains Tekwada Jalgaon
63. Archaeological site remains Bhokardan Jalna
64. Brahmanical caves locally known as a Pandevlena Mahoor Village Nanded
65. Hindu Temple Ambegaon Nasik
66. Old Temple Anjaneri Nasik
67. Caves Ankai Nasik
68. Hindu Temple Deothan Nasik
69. Old Matichi-Gadhi Nasik Nasik
70. Pandev Lena Caves Pathardi Nasik
71. Temple of Aeshwar Sinnar Nasik
72. Temple of Gondeshwar Mahadev Sinnar Nasik
73. Trimbakeshwar Temple Tringalwadi Nasik
74. Jain Temple Tringalwadi Nasik
75. Hemadpanthi Temple of Mahadev Zodge Nasik
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