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Alphabetical List of Monuments – Karnataka – Dharwad


Dharwad Circle, Karnataka

SL.No Name of the monument / site Location District
1. Western Chalukyan inscription (Saka 1015) in the temple of Banashankari. Asundi Belgaum
2. Two Ratha insciptions of Chieftains one of which is dated Saka 1086 in ancient Siva temple Bailhongal Belgaum
3. Kadamba inscription dated Kaliyuga 4282 Bailur Belgaum
4. Western Chalukyan inscription (Saka 992, Fragmentry) in the Virabhadradev temple Belavadi Belgaum
5. Old Jaina temple in the corner of the commissariat storryard (Kamala Basti). Belgaum
6. Old Jain temple outside the Commissariat storeyard. Belgaum
7. Remains of an old Hindu temple near the barracks. Belgaum fort Belgaum
8. Safa Masjid Belgaum
9. Kannada (15th cent. AD.) inscription  in the ancient Isvara temple Degalavalli Belgaum
10. Temple known as Bastigudi with 4 Kadamba inscription, two of which are dated Kaliyuga 4275
(1174 A.D.)
Degaon Belgaum
11. Two Kadamba inscriptions dated Kaliyuga 4270 4272 in the temple of Narasimha. Halshi Belgaum
12. Ratta tablet dated Saka 1130 and 1178 in Brahmadeva temple Hannikeri Belgaum
13. Panchalingesvara temple Huli Belgaum
14. Inscriptions on two Pillars of Panchalingesvara temple Huli Belgaum
15. Western Chalukya inscription of SomesvaradevaII (Saka 997) in Shankaradeva temple Kadroli Belgaum
16. Ratta inscription (Saka 1127) in ancient Jaina Basti Kadroli Belgaum
17. Kadamba inscription (Kaliyuga 4289 ) in Basava temple Kittur Belgaum
18. Three groups of Dolmens Konnur Belgaum
19. Ratta inscription (Saka 1075 ) in Mahalingesvara temple Konnur Belgaum
20. Ratta inscription (Saka 1009 1043) in a Jaina temple Konnur Belgaum
21. Ruined 11th century temple Konnur Belgaum
22. Inscription against the wall of the Panchalingdev temple of the Yadav king Singhana of Devgiri (Saka
Manoli Belgaum
23. Inscription in the temple of Udachavva of Khandahara in Krishna (Saka 1174) Manoli
24. Inscription of Sadashivadevaraya of Vijayanagar in Mallikarjuna temple Murgod Belgaum
25. Ancient Jaina temple in the Jungle Nandgad Belgaum
26. Inscription dated Saka 1141of Ratta Chieftain Kantavirya IV in ancient Basava temple Nesargi Belgaum
27. Ratta inscription (Saka 1168, fragmentary) in Narayandev temple Padli Belgaum
28. Ratta inscription dated Saka 971 1010 and a fragment of another dated Saka 970 in the temple of
Saundatti Belgaum
29. Two inscriptions in the ancient Jain temple (Saka 797 902) Saundatti Belgaum
30. Jumma Masjid Sampagaon Belgaum
31. Silahara inscriptions (Saka 1078 ) in Basavesvara temple.

Shedbal Belgaum
32. Ratta inscriptier at the water fall near Somesvara temple (Saka 902) Sogal Belgaum
33. Vijayanagara inscription of Krishnadevara (Saka 1436) in Yellamma temple. Ugargol Belgaum
34. Jaina temple of Muktesvara Wakkund Belgaum
35. Kadamba inscription (Saka 1082) in Kalmesvara temple Golihalli Belgaum
36. Group of temples at Halshi, (Suvarneshvara Temple, Rameshwar Temple, Kalameshvara Temple and
Bhu-Varaha Temple)
Khanpur, Halsi Belgaum
37. Bahamani tombs Asthur Bidar
38. Barid Shahi Tombs Bidar Bidar
39. Bidar Fort Bidar Bidar
40. Madarsa Mahmud Gawan Bidar Bidar
41. Ambigergudi (1) Aihole Bijapur
42. Ambigergudi (2) Aihole Bijapur
43. A temple of Galaganatha group (1) Aihole Bijapur
44. A temple of Galaganatha group (2) Aihole Bijapur
45. A temple of Galaganatha group (3) Aihole Bijapur
46. A temple of Galaganatha group
Aihole Bijapur
47. A temple of Galaganatha group (5) Aihole Bijapur
48. Badigergudi Aihole Bijapur
49. Basavanna Aihole Bijapur
50. Boyargudi Aihole Bijapur
51. Bilegudi Aihole Bijapur
52. Chrantimath (Murphadryavargudi) Aihole Bijapur
53. Chrantimath (Murphadryavargudi) Aihole Bijapur
54. Desayargudi Aihole Bijapur
55. Dolmens Aihole Bijapur
56. Galaganath temple Aihole Bijapur
57. Gardigudi Aihole Bijapur
58. Gaudergudi (1) Aihole Bijapur
59. Gaudergudi (2) Aihole Bijapur
60. Gauder Ishvargudi Aihole Bijapur
61. Great Durga temple Aihole Bijapur
62. Huchimalligudi in Sy. No. 64 Aihole Bijapur
63. Ishvara Aihole Bijapur
64. Ishavarlinga (1) Ishavarlinga Complex Aihole Bijapur
65. Ishavarlinga (2) Ishavarlinga Complex Aihole Bijapur
66. Ishavarlinga (3) Ishavarlinga Complex Aihole Bijapur
67. Ishavarlinga (no local name) Aihole Bijapur
68. Meguti Jaina temple Aihole Bijapur
69. Jyotirlinga temple Aihole Bijapur
70. Karegudi Aihole Bijapur
71. Kontigudi Aihole Bijapur
72. Maddingudi (Basavanna 1) Aihole Bijapur
73. Maddingudi (Basavanna 2) Aihole Bijapur
74. Yoginarayan temple Aihole Bijapur
75. Matha without a shrine (large hall) Aihole Bijapur
76. Jaina cave (Mena Basti) Aihole Bijapur
77. No name but forms part of Veniyargudi. Aihole Bijapur
78. No name close to Virabhadra temple Aihole Bijapur
79. Rachigudi Aihole Bijapur
80. Ramalinga temple Aihole Bijapur
81. Raval Phadi (Brahmanical Cave) Aihole Bijapur
82. Small temple to southwest of the Great Durga temple Aihole Bijapur
83. Temple adjoining Kontigudi on west side inscription tablet within the temple Aihole Bijapur
84. Surangagudi temple adjoining Konti gudi Aihole Bijapur
85. Jyotirlinga complex in Sy. No. 66 Aihole Bijapur
86. Temple close to Kontigudi Sy. No. 47 Aihole Bijapur
87. Temple close to Ladkhan temple Aihole Bijapur
88. Temple in the fileds at north-west corner of the village Aihole Bijapur
89. Huchchappayya matha in S.No. 270 Aihole Bijapur
90. Ladkhan temple Aihole Bijapur
91. Temple on the north of Durga temple Aihole Bijapur
92. Siva temple with a large Nandimandapa Aihole Bijapur
93. Trayambakesvara temple (black marble Isvarlinga) Aihole Bijapur
94. Two storeyed Jaina temple and cave at Meguti hill Aihole Bijapur
95. Veerabhadra temple Aihole Bijapur
96. Veniyargudi (1) Aihole Bijapur
97. Veniyargudi (2) Aihole Bijapur
98. Veniyargudi (3) Aihole Bijapur
99. Veniyargudi Aihole Bijapur
100. Mahal (Idgah near the Ain Ulmul Kha’s tomb Ainapur Bijapur
101. Old Gate Aminagarh Bijapur
102. Stone bearing Inscriptions Arshibidi
103. Stone bearing Inscriptions Arshibidi
104. Stone bearing Inscriptions Arshibidi
105. Bhutanatha group of temple on the east margin of the tank

Badami Bijapur
106. Group of temples on the north side of the Lake towards east end Badami Bijapur
107. Lakulisha temple behind Bhutanatha group containing a nude seated image in the shrine Badami Bijapur
108. Jaina
Vaishnava caves
Badami Bijapur
109. Large seated remains in a natural cavern under the cliff to teh south-east of the Bhutanatha temples
(Kostharaya cave)
Badami Bijapur
110. Rock shelter (Shidlapadi cave) Badami Bijapur
111. Releif sculptures on the behind the Bhutanatha group of temples Badami Bijapur
112. Southern fort the old gun. Badami Bijapur
113. Temple on the knoll under the bastion of the northern fort Badami Bijapur
114. Northern fort and temple Badami Bijapur
115. Hermitage in the natural cavern to the east of the lake Badami Bijapur
116. Remains of the ancient
Chalukyuan fortification walls including moat.
Walls, gates and dam
forming the western boundary of Bhutanatha tank


117. Inscription Bellur Bijapur
118. Kalika Bhavani temple Bevoor Bijapur
119. Narayanadeva temple Bevoor Bijapur
120. Ramesvara temple Bevoor Bijapur
121. Inscriptions Bhairamatti Bijapur
122. Afzulkhan’s wives tomb Bijapur Bijapur
123. Afzulkhan’s Cenetaph Bijapur Bijapur
124. Ain-ul-mulk’s tomb Bijapur Bijapur
125. Ali I Rouza Bijapur Bijapur
126. Ali
II Rouza
Bijapur Bijapur
127. Ali-shahid Pir’s masjid Bijapur Bijapur
128. All old guns on ramparts and in trophy Bijapur Bijapur
129. Ambar Khanna Bijapur Bijapur
130. Andu Masjid Bijapur Bijapur
131. Asar mahal Bijapur Bijapur
132. Batulla Khan’s Masjid Bijapur Bijapur
133. Bukhari Masjid Bijapur Bijapur
134. Chand Bavdi Bijapur Bijapur
135. Chot Asar Mosque Bijapur Bijapur
136. Chinch Didi Masjid Bijapur Bijapur
137. Dakhni Idgah Bijapur Bijapur
138. Dam of Ramalinga temple with two outlet (massonry water) channels running at right angles to the
north and adjoining gateway at the extreme east end.
Bijapur Bijapur
139. Gagan Mahal Bijapur Bijapur
140. Dhaiwadi masjid near Allapur gate Bijapur Bijapur
141. Gates walls of the city citadels Bijapur Bijapur
142. Gol Gumbaz Bijapur Bijapur
143. Grave of Aurangazaeb’s wife in Navbagh Bijapur Bijapur
144. Green Stone tomb Bijapur Bijapur
145. Gumat Bavdi Bijapur Bijapur
146. Haji Hasan Saheb’s tomb Bijapur Bijapur
147. Hasan Guljar’s tomb with marble tomb stone near Ramalinga tank Bijapur Bijapur
148. Hyder (Ujpli) Buruj Bijapur Bijapur
149. Hyder Khan’s tomb Bijapur Bijapur
150. Ibrahim I Jami Masjid Bijapur Bijapur
151. Ikhalas Khan’s Mosque Bijapur Bijapur
152. Jahan Begum’s Mosque Bijapur Bijapur
153. Jalmandir Bijapur Bijapur
154. Jod Gumbaj Bijapur Bijapur
155. Jumma Masjid Bijapur Bijapur
156. Kamarkhi gumbaz Bijapur Bijapur
157. Ibrahim Rouza Bijapur Bijapur
158. Karimuddin’s Mosque Bijapur Bijapur
159. Makka Masjid Bijapur Bijapur
160. Mehtar Mahal Bijapur Bijapur
161. Moats of the Fort wall Bijapur Bijapur
162. Mosque at Golgumbaz Bijapur Bijapur
163. Mosque No. 21 (behind Chandbavdi) Bijapur Bijapur
164. Mosque No.213 Bijapur Bijapur
165. Mosque No.366 Bijapur Bijapur
166. Moti dargah Bijapur Bijapur
167. Mubarak Khan’s Mahal Bijapur Bijapur
168. Mulla Mosque Bijapur Bijapur
169. Mustafa Khan’s Mosque Bijapur Bijapur
170. Nav Gumbaz Bijapur Bijapur
171. Nitya Navari tomb masjid near Moti dargahs Bijapur Bijapur
172. Old Mosque No. 294 Bijapur Bijapur
173. Ruined gateway with inscriptions slab No. 217 Bijapur Bijapur
174. Sat Mahal (Sat manjil) Bijapur Bijapur
175. Shah Navaz Khan’s
Bijapur Bijapur
176. Sikandar Shah’s tomb Bijapur Bijapur
177. Small pavilion in front of Arash Mahal Bijapur Bijapur
178. Small tomb No. 47 Bijapur Bijapur
179. Sonheri masjid Bijapur Bijapur
180. Tomb of Pir Shaik Hamid Khadir Bijapur Bijapur
181. Tomb No. 22 on the western bank of Chand Bavdi Bijapur Bijapur
182. Tomb No. 48 Bijapur Bijapur
183. Two different moats of citadel locally known as Arquilla. Bijapur Bijapur
184. Water pavilions Bijapur Bijapur
185. Water pavilions to the south of the church in the Arquilla Bijapur Bijapur
186. Water towers Nos. 61,67,91,114,115,142,147,281,282,
286 and 289
Bijapur Bijapur
187. Well at Ibrahimpur Bijapur Bijapur
188. Yakub Dabuli’s mosque tomb No.204 Bijapur Bijapur
189. Yusuf’s old Jami Masjid Bijapur Bijapur
190. Zanziri or Malik Jahan Begum’s mosque. Bijapur Bijapur
191. Ancient Hindu temple of Dattatreya. Chattarki Bijapur
192. Old Temple (partly buried ) to the right side of the main entrance to the modern Banashankari
Chelachgud Bijapur
193. Old Temple with adjacent ancient structures, gateway to the left side of the entrance to the modern
Banashankari temple

Chelachgud Bijapur
194. Tank with colonades at Banashankari temple Chelachgud Bijapur
195. Old Jaina temple on top of a hill locally known as Melgudi. Hallur Bijapur
196. Visvesvara temple with two big Dwarapalas main entrance to the courtyard. Hallur Bijapur
197. Inscriptions Hippangi Bijapur
198. Inscriptions Katgeri Bijapur
199. Masjid Katijapur Bijapur
200. All four water pavilions Kumatigi Bijapur
201. Wataer pavilions in S.No. 318 Kumatigi Bijapur
202. Badi Kaman related arcades Mahal bagayat Bijapur
203. Small masjid over rectangular dam to the south of (Afsal Khan’s tomb) Mahal
204. Naganatha temple near Shivayogamandir Nagaralsamat Bijapur
205. Inscriptions Nandikesvara Bijapur
206. Inscriptions Nandwadi Bijapur
207. Fortwalls Navaraspur Bijapur
208 Sankaralinga temple including inscriptions Nimbal Bijapur
209 Chandrashekara temple near Sangamesvara temple Pattadkal Bijapur
210 Dolmen on the south side of the road leading from the village to Badami about a mile to west Pattadkal Bijapur
211 Galaganatha temple Pattadkal Bijapur
212. Virupaksha temple Pattadkal Bijapur
213 Jaina temple Pattadkal Bijapur
214 Jambulinga temple Pattadkal Bijapur
215 Kadasiddesvara temple Pattadkal Bijapur
216 Kashivisvesvara temple Pattadkal Bijapur
217 Monolithic stone pillar bearing inscriptions Pattadkal Bijapur
218 Mallikarjuna temple Pattadkal Bijapur
219 Papanatha temple Pattadkal Bijapur
220 Sangamesvara temple Pattadkal Bijapur
221 Sri Ramadeva temple Talikote Bijapur
222 Aqueduct running from Bhat Bavdi southwest of Tervi village to Taj Bavdi, Bijapur Tervi Bijapur
223 Sangeeth and Nari Mahals Tervi Bijapur
224 Banashankaridevi temple Amargel Dharwad
225 Sankaralinga temple Amargel Dharwad
226 Amritesvara temple Annigeri Dharwad
227 Kalamesvara temple Balambid Dharwad
228 Nagaresvara temple or Aravattu Kambadagudi Bankapur Dharwad
229 Inscribed memorial stones in a walled enclosure Betgiri Dharwad
230 Muktesvara temple Chudadanpur Dharwad
231 Doddabasappa temple Dambal Dharwad
232 Somesvara temple Dambal Dharwad
233 Two forts gates (inner outer) Dharwad Dharwad
234 Saraswati temple Gadag Dharwad
235 Somesvara temple Gadag Dharwad
236 Galagesvara temple Galaganatha Dharwad
237 Old ruined temple between the fort tank with two dies of a finely sculptured doorway
partly buried in accumulated earth
Hangal Dharwad
238. Tarakesvara
Hangal Dharwad
239. Veerabhadra temple in Hangal Fort Hangal Dharwad
240. Somesvara temple Haralahalli Dharwad
241 Kallesvara temple Haralahalli Dharwad
242 Siddesvara temple Haveri Dharwad
243 Two inscribed stones leaning
against Shankaralinga temple to the left of the main Entrance.
Hombal Dharwad
244 Jaina Basti Lakkundi Dharwad
245 Kasivisvesvara temple Lakkundi Dharwad
246 Kumbaresvara temple Lakkundi Dharwad
247 Manikesvara temple at Muskinbhavi Lakkundi Dharwad
248 Muskin Bhavi Lakkundi Dharwad
249 Naganatha near Jaina temple Lakkundi Dharwad
250 Nanesvara temple Lakkundi Dharwad
251 Sarvesvara temple Naregal Dharwad
252. Stone inscription inside the Shankaralinga temple Nargund Dharwad
253. Kadambesvara temple Rattihalli Dharwad
254. Basavannadevi temple Tambur Dharwad
255. Chandramoulesvara temple Unkal Dharwad
256. Pre-historic site Evathalli Gulbarga
257. Gulbarga fort and great mosque in it Gulbarga Gulbarga
258. Haft Gumbad (Tombs of Firozshah) Gulbarga Gulbarga
259. Pre-historic site Rajankullur Gulbarga
260. Ancient site Udchan Gulbarga
261. Ancient excavated site remains of Buddhist Stupa Kanganhalli Gulbarga
262. Inscriptions in Markandesvara temple Ballur North
263. Carved bed-stoad of stone existing in a small chamber in the south side of compound of
Madhukesvara temple
Banavasi North Kanara
264 Madhukesvara temple Banavasi North
265 Incriptions in Madhukesvara temple Banavasi North
266. Stones (Veeragals) Bedakani North
267. Adike Narayana Devasthan including Virupaksha devasthana Bhatkal North
268. Jettappa Naikana Chandranathesvara Basti Bhatkal North
269. Joshi Shankaranarayana Devasthana Bhatkal North
270. Ketpai Narayana Devasthana Bhatkal North
271. Lakar Kamati Narayana Devasthana Bhatkal North
272. Narasimha Devasthana Bhatkal NorthKanara
273. Parsvanatha Basti Bhatkal NorthKanara
274. Raghunatha Devasthana Bhatkal North Kanara
275. Shantappa Naik Tirumala Devasthana Bhatkal North Kanara
276. Three European graves Bhatkal North Kanara
277. Inscriptions Bilagi North Kanara
278 Ratnatraya Basti Bilagi North Kanara
279. Siva temple on the east of the river Bilagi North Kanara
280 Virupaksha temple Bilagi North
281 Virabhadra temple, inscriptions and ancient site Gudhapur North
282 Chandranatha Basti Hadavalli North Kanara
283 Carved stones near the temple of the Gramadeva Hosur North
284. Figure of a Tiger opposite ti English school Kumta North
285 Tombs on the right side of the Manku-Kumta road Kumta North Kanara
286 Fort Mirjan North Kanara
287 Chaturmukha basti Nagarbasti Kere or Gersoppa North Kanara
288 Inscriptions Nagarbasti Kere or Gersoppa North Kanara
289. Varhamanaswamy temple Nagarbasti Kere or Gersoppa

290 Virabhadra temple Nagarbasti Kere or Gersoppa North Kanara
291 Temple of Shiva Somasagar North Kanara
292 King’s seat Sonda North Kanara
293 Temple close to King’s seat Sonda North Kanara
294 Pre-historic site Herebankal Raichur
295 Mahadev temple Ittagi Raichur
296 Ancient mound Koppal Raichur

297 Rock edicts of Asokha on the hillock known as Gavinath and Palkigundu Koppal Raichur
298 Ancient mound Maski Raichur
299 Rock edicts of Asokha Maski Raichur
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