"Janjira Fort, Murd (Maharastra) is closed for general visitors due to foul climate condition from 26-05-2023 to 31-08-2023.""Submitting of application for Exploration / Exacavation for the field season 2022-2023 - reg."

Alphabetical List of Monuments – Jharakhand


Ranchi Circle, Jharkhand

SL.No Name of the monument / site Location District
1. Asura Sites Hensa Khunti
2. Temple of Haradih Haradih Tamad Ranchi
3. Asura Sites Kathartoli Khunti
4. Ancient Stone Temple with a small Sivahlinga inside Khekparta Lohardaga
5. Asura Sites Khunti Tola Khunti
6. Asura Sites Kunjla Khunti
7. Asura Sites Saridkel Khunti
8. Ruins of Baradari buildings with probable underground cells and passage Arazi Mukhimpur Sahibganj
9. Jamma Masjid Hadaf Sahibganj
10. Old remains of temple and sculptures on the south east bank of the above tank Benisagar West Singhbhum
11. Site of an old fort Ruam East Singhbhum
12. Ancient Mound Locally known as Kulugarha and Basput Itagarh Seraikela Kharsawan
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