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Alphabetical List of Monuments – Assam


List of Centrally Protected Monuments / Sites under the jurisdiction of Assam (Guwahati Circle)

SI.No Name of the monument / site Location District
1. Bordole temple Biswanathghat Biswanath
2.  Grave of Lieutenant Lewis Biswanathghat Biswanath
 3. Grave of Lieutenant Thomas Kennedy. Biswanathghat Biswanath
 4. The rock known as” Bishwanath Sivalinga” Biswanathghat Biswanath
 5. Dhandi temple Dhandi (Gohpur) Biswanath
 6. The rock known as “Sakreswar” The island “Unatumani” in the neighbourhood of village Bishwanath Biswanath
 7. Ancient Caves (Ancient Tombs) Jogighopa Bongaigaon
 8. Cachari Ruins viz. A small unfinished dwelling house, Snan Mandir, Singha Darwaja, The temple of Ranachandi, The Baradwari, Two small temples & The east wall Khaspur Cachar
 9. Group of Four Maidams Chairaideo Chairaideo
10. Idgah on the Rangamati Hill with its enclose Walls and a space of 16’-20’ around there Panbari (Rangamati Hill) Dhubri
11. Rangamati Mosque and the ablution tank attached thereto Panbari (Rangamati Hill) Dhubri
12 The Derebara Group of monoliths Dubungling Dima-Hasao (N.C.Hills)
13. TheKhartong Group of monoliths Kartongsip Dima-Hasao (N.C.Hills)
14. The Kobak Group of monoliths Khobak Dima-Hasao (N.C.Hills)
15. Rock-cut temple Maibang Dima-Hasao (N.C.Hills)
16. Two inscribed Stones Maibang Dima-Hasao (N.C.Hills)
17. Bolosan Group of monoliths Nuchubunglo Dima-Hasao (N.C.Hills)
18. Tomb of Lieutenant Cresswell Goalpara Goalpara
19. Monument over the grave of Mr.B.J.Stow Goalpara Goalpara
20. Shri Surya Pahar Ruins, Dasabhaja Devasthan Sri Suryapahar Goalpara
21. Monoliths Kasomari Pathar Golaghat
22. Sivadol Negheriting Golaghat
23. The stone inscription inside “Poa Mecca Mosque” Hajo Kamrup
24. Shri Shri Hayagriva Madhava temple Hajo Kamrup
25. Shri Shri Kedar temple Hajo Kamrup
26. Shri Shri Ganesh temple Hajo Kamrup
27. Shri Shri Kameshwar temple Hajo Kamrup
28. The Carvings, inscriptions and pillar on the Urbasi Island Guwahati Kamrup (M)
29. The rock-cut sculpture representing Vishnu (with adjoining figures of Surya, Ganesa, Devi etc locally Known as Vishnu Janardhan. Guwahati Kamrup (M)
30. Daurgarila Rock Inscription, Kamakhya Hill Guwahati Kamrup (M)
31. Rock-cut figures and one Stone – Gateway Kamakhya Hill Kamrup (M)
32. Garhgaon Raja’s Palace Garhgaon Sivasagar
33. Bisnudol Gaurisagar Sivasagar
34. Devidol Gaurisagar Sivasagar
35. Gaurisagar Tank Gaurisagar Sivasagar
36. Sivadol Gaurisagar Sivasagar
37. Bisnudol Joysagar Sivasagar
38. Devidol Joysagar Sivasagar
39. Eight cannons of the Ahom period on the bank of the, Sibsagar tank Joysagar Sivasagar
40. Ghanshyam’s house Joysagar Sivasagar
41. Golakghar or magazine Joysagar Sivasagar
42. Ranganath dole Joysagar Sivasagar
43. Ranghar Ruins Joysagar Sivasagar
44. Sivadol Joysagar Sivasagar
45. The Karenghar of the Ahom kings (Talatal ghar) Joysagar Sivasagar
46. Bishnu dole Sibsagar Sivasagar
47. Debi dole Sibsagar Sivasagar
48. Siva dole Sibsagar


49. Ruins, Singri Hill Singri Hill


50. Masonary remains on the Bamuni Hills Tezpur


51. Sculptures in the Chummery compound Tezpur


52. The mound and ruins of the stone temple at Parbatiya Tezpur Sonitpur
53. The rock on the bank of the Bharmaputra about 2 miles below Tezpur and the inscription thereon Tezpur Sonitpur
54. The gun of Emperor Sher Shah, Sadiya, Tinsukia Sadiya Tinsukia
55. The two swivel guns belonging to the Mughal Nawwara Sadiya Tinsukia
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