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Alphabetical List of Monuments – Andhra Pradesh


List of Centrally Protected Monuments / Sites under the jurisdiction of Andhra Pradesh (Amaravati Circle)

SI.No Name of the monument / site Location District
1. Hill Fort and buildings therein and the fortifications at the foot of the hill. Gooty Anantapuramu
2. Madhavaraya temple (Old Vishnu temple) Gorantla Anantapuramu
3. Outer wall of the Mahalakshmi temple Goripalli Anantapuramu
4. Group of sculptures – Ancient Site Hemavati Anantapuramu
5. Group of old temples together with adjacent land Hemavati Anantapuramu
6. Large dolmen on a rocky hillock Kalyandurg Anantapuramu
7. Mallikarjuna (Siva) temple Kambaduru Anantapuramu
8. Veerabhadra temple Lepakashi Anantapuramu
9. Basavannah temple Lepakashi  Anantapuramu
10. Hill fort Madakasira Anantapuramu
11. Large bastion and an old gateway Madakasira Anantapuramu
12. Old gopuram Penukonda Anantapuramu
13. Old stamba or lamp pillar in the Sub Collector’s office compound Penukonda Anantapuramu
14. Seethatheertham stepped well with entrance in the from of a bull Penukonda Anantapuramu
15. Small pavillion and ruined water tower in a field Penukonda Anantapuramu
16. The citadel and ruined buildings on the hill Penukonda Anantapuramu
17. The Hill fort and northern gateway with inscriptions Penukonda Anantapuramu
18. Watch tower known as Rama’s bastion Penukonda Anantapuramu
19. Hill fortressand a large wall Ratnagiri Anantapuramu
20. Extensive hill fortress with outlying fortification Rayadurg Anantapuramu
21. Palace and two temples of Rama and Krishna Rayadurg Anantapuramu
22. Chintalarayaswami temple Tadpatri Anantapuramu
23. Rameswaraswami temple TadpatriAnantapuramu
24. Lower Fort Chandragiri Chittoor
25. Upper Fort Chandragiri Chittoor
26. Parasuramesvara temple Gudimallam Chittoor
27. Fort Gurramkonda Chittoor
28. Lower Fort , Center Fort wall, moat, old fort gateway, old hanuman temple, old mahammadan tomb, old mandapam and old mosque Gurramkonda Chittoor
29. Mahal Gurramkonda Chittoor
30. Palliswara mudaya Mahadeva temple Kalakada Chittoor
31. Venkateswara Vishnu temple Mangapuram (Hamlet of Mittapalam) Chittoor
32. Megalithic cairns with bounding stone circles Pandur Chittoor
33. Chennakeswaraswami temple Sompalle Chittoor
34. Megalithic cists and cairns Virakuppam (Birakuppam) Chittoor
35. Mounds containing Buddhist remains such as stupas Adurru East Godavari
36. Gollingeswara group of temples Biccavolu East Godavari
37. Kanchragudi Biccavolu East Godavari
38. Monolithic Ganesa Image Biccavolu East Godavari
39. Nakkalagudi Biccavolu East Godavari
40. Veerabhadra temple Biccavolu East Godavari
41. Bhimeswara temple Draksharama East Godavari
42. Rock-cut caves and cisterns and remains of Buddhist Stupas, Chaityas and Viharas (monasteries) on the hill Pandavula or Pandavulakonda Kapavaram East Godavari
43. Buddhist remains at Kodavali Kodavali East Godavari
44. Bhimeswara temple Samalkot, (Bhimavaram) East Godavari
45. Ruined Buddhist stupa and other remains Amaravati  Guntur
46. An Ancient Siva temple with inscription Ayyangaripalam (Hamlet of Pondugula) Guntur
47. Sri Bhavanarayanaswami temple Bapatla Guntur
48. Ruined Buddhist stupa Bhattiprolu Guntur
49. The Sculptures, carvings, images, bas reliefor other like objects discovered within the revenue limit Buddam Guntur
50. Kapoteswara temple with five inscriptional slabs within the temple site Chejerla Guntur
51. Inscribed rock to the west of Dharanikota Dharanikota Guntur
52. Fort in ruins Dharanikota Guntur
53. The Mounds with ancient remains on them Grandhasiri (Hamlet of Vornakallu) Guntur
54. Inscribed marble pillar near the Gopala temple                                                   Ipur Guntur
55. Ancient Buddhist remains with Brahmi inscriptions on the mound Manchikallu Guntur
56. Reconstructed monumets at Anupu andNagarjunklonda hilltop Nagarjunakonda Guntur
57. Mounds within the limit of Nagulavaram Nagulavaram Guntur
58. The Sculptures, carvings, images, bas relief on the ancient mound Pullareddigudem) Guntur
59. (i)The mounds with remains of ancient building between the hillock of Nagarjuna Konda and the village of Pullareddigudem
(ii) Mounds adjacent to the hillock reddigudem
(iii) Hill of Nagarjunakonda with the
Pullareddigudem (Agarharam) Guntur
60. Four-storeyed rock-cut Hindu temple Undavalli Guntur
61. The Mounds with ancient remains Velpur Guntur
62. Vigneswara swami temple Chilamakuru Kadapa YSR
63. Agatheswarswami Temple Chilamkuru Kadapa YSR
64. Remains of the buried Jain temple Danavulapadu Kadapa YSR
65. Fort with enclosed ancient buildings, Madhavaperumal temple and tower known as Madarsala Gandikota Kadapa YSR
66. Saumyanatha temple Nandalur Kadapa YSR
67. Ancient Village site Peddamudiyan Kadapa YSR
68. Kothandaramaswami Temple Peddamudiyan Kadapa YSR
69. Mukunteswara temple with inscriptions Peddamudiyan Kadapa YSR
70. Narasimha temple Peddamudiyan Kadapa YSR
71. Old Vishnu temple with inscriptions Peddamudiyan Kadapa YSR
72. Athirala Parasurama temple Poli Kadapa YSR
73. Bheemeshwara swami temple Pushpagiri (hamlet of Kotluru) Kadapa YSR
74. Indranadheshwara swami temple Pushpagiri (hamlet of Kotluru) Kadapa YSR
75. Kamalasamveswara swami temple Pushpagiri (hamlet of Kotluru) Kadapa YSR
76. Raghaveswara swami temple Pushpagiri (hamlet of Kotluru) Kadapa YSR
77. Sivakesavaswami temple Pushpagiri (hamlet of Kotluru) Kadapa YSR
78. Trikoteswara swami temple Pushpagiri (hamlet of Kotluru) Kadapa YSR
79. Vaidhyanadha swami temple Pushpagiri (hamlet of Kotluru) Kadapa YSR
80. Fort with ancient buildings therein Siddhout Kadapa YSR
81. Visvanatha swami temple Sivalpalli Kadapa YSR
82. Sri Kodandarma swamy temple and adjoining buildings Vontimitta Kadapa YSR
83. Ancient site with the mound marking the Buddhist Stupas in it Alluru Krishna
84. Buddhist remains in a mound Ghantasala Krishna
85. Mound containing Buddhist remains and ancient village site. Gudivada Krishna
86. Sculptures, carvings, images other like objects found in the vicinity of the old Gudur Krishna
87. Hillock containing the mound marking the ancient remains of ancient Buddhist stupas situated on it Gummadiduru Krishna
88. Buddhist remains of a Stupa on the hill Jaggayyapeta Krishna
89. Bandar Fort: (i) Armoury known as Fort and customs office
(ii) Belfry
Masulipathnam Krishna
90. Dutch cemetry (D.No. 308) Masulipathnam Krishna
91. Rock-cut cave temples on the Hill Mogalrajapuram Krishna
92. Ancient site and remains comprised in survey plot No. 37 Munagacherla Krishna
93. Four pillars in the ruined mandapam in Jammidoddi Vijayawada Krishna
94. Inscribed Pillar and slab in Mallesvarasvami temple Vijayawada Krishna
95. Kiratharjuna Pillar on the Indrakilla Hill Vijayawada Krishna
96. Two rock-cut cave temples on the Indrakila hill known as Akkanna Muddanna caves Vijayawada Krishna
97. Ruined fort and buildings therein except Ramazan masjid Adoni Kurnool
98. Inscribed boulder bearing Andhra records of 150 A.D. Chinnakadaburu Kurnool
99. A prominent granite hillock bearing Asokan inscription Jonnagiri Kurnool
100. Gateways and the bastions of the old fort, viz.
(i) Bastion No.1 Beach Ghantki Buruzu
(ii) Bastion No. 2 Lal Bangalow Buruzu
(iii) Gateway to Gopala Darwaja
(iv)Gateway to Panikiddi

Kurnool kurnool
101. Mausoleum known as Abdul Wahab Khan’s Tomb and adjoining buildings Kurnool Kurnool
102. Nandavaram Temple including the sculpture of Subrahamanya Nandavaram Kurnool
103. The Asokan inscription, Two early Chalukya inscriptions and One late Chalukya inscriptions. Rajulamandagiri(Hamlet of Jutur) Kurnool
104. Inscribed stone lying to the east of Siva temple Rayachoti Kurnool
105. Old Cave Temple Yaganti Kurnool
106. Uma-Mahesvaraswami Temple Yaganti Kurnool
107. Ancient Mounds Kanuparti Prakasam
108. A group of eight rock-cut temples in Bhairavakonda hill Kottapalli Prakasam
109. Chola Temple Motupalle Prakasam
110. Ancient Mound Pedaganjam Prakasam
111. Pitikeswara group of temples including Approach road Pittikayagulla Prakasam
112. Ancient Site Pusalapadu Prakasam
113. Ramalingeswara group of temples Satiavolu Prakasam
114. Mound known as ‘Bodipati Dibba’ Ramatirtham (Hamlet of Varini) SPSR- Nellore
115. Ancient Mound in part of S.No. 855 A Ramatirtham SPSR- Nellore
116. Hill Fort with Ancient buildings therein Udayagiri SPSR- Nellore
117. Krishna Temple in a part of Donka with Gopuram, Kalyanamandapam and Masonry built Tank Udayagiri SPSR- Nellore
118. Ranganayakula Temple Udayagiri SPSR- Nellore
119. Ancient Mound Kalingapatnam Srikakulam
120. Sri Somesvara temple Mukhalingam Srikakulam
121. Bhimesvara temple Mukhalingesvara Srikakulam
122. Mukhalingesvara temple Mukhalingesvara Srikakulam
123. Buddhist remains:
(i) Six Images,
(ii) Three images and some more images on the hill,
(iii) One image,
(iv) Three images
Salihundam Srikakulam
124. Eastern portion of Salihundam hill containing Buddhist remains ( A Chaitya and four stupas) Salihundam Srikakulam
125. Ancient Buddhist Mounds locally known as ‘Dhana Dibbalu’ Kotturu (near Gokivada forest) Vishakhapatnam
126. Buddhist rock-cut stupas, Dagebas and caves and the ruins of a structural Chaitya with its outbuilding and other Ancient remains on twoadjoining hills known as Bojjanna Konda. Sankaram Vishakhapatnam
127. Durga Bhairavakonda having an ancient monument called Durga Neelavati Vizianagaram
128. Ruined Buddhist Monastery at Gurubhaktulakonda Ramathirtham Vizianagaram
129. The old temple (Dibbesvarasvami temple) Sarapalli (Sarapalle) Vizianagaram
130. Mounds containing Buddhist remains Arugolanu West Godavari
131. Mounds locally known as Bhimalingadibba Denduluru West Godavari
132. Buddhist monuments
(i) Rock-cut temple,
(ii) Large Monastery,
(iii) Small Monastery,
(iv) Brick Chaitya,
(v) Ruined Mandapa,
(vi) Stone built Stupa andLarge group of stupas
Guntupalle West Godavari
133. The caves and structural stupa of Archaeological interest on Dharmalingesvarasvami hill Jilakarragudem (Hamlet of Guntupalle) West Godavari
134. Ancient Mounds in S.No. 501-1. Pedavegi West Godavari
135. The mounds of Pedavegi : Dibba No.1 Dibba No.2, Dibba No. 3, Dibba No. 4, Dibba No. 5. Pedavegi West Godavari
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