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Alphabetical List of Monuments – Agra Circle


Agra Circle, Uttar Pradesh

SL.No Name of the monument / site Location District
1 Agra Fort including Akbari Mahal

Anguri Bagh

Baoli of the Diwan-i-Am Quadrangle.

Carved stone inscription dated A.D. 1605 inside the Delhi gate entrance.

Chitor Gates.

Diwan-i-Am or Hall of Public Audience

Diwan-i-Khas or Private Hall of Audience

Galleries beneath the Khas Mahal

Hon’ble John Russell Colvin’s Tomb.

Inner Amar Singh Gate.

Inner Delhi Gate.

Jahangiri Mahal

Jahangir’s Bath

Khas Mahal or the Aramgah or private hall including the golden pavilions on each side.

Ladies Bazaar attached to the Nagina Masjid.

Machchi Bhawan or Fish House.

Maharatta Building impinging on the Nagina Masjid

Mina Masjid

Moti Masjid or Pearl Mosque

Royal Baths

Nagina Masjid


Saman Burj with Pachisi Court and surrounding chambers.

Shahjahan’s apartment

Shish Mahal

Somnath Gates

Well (Baoli) in the Akbari Mahal.

Agra Agra
2 Barah Khamba together with adjoining area comprised in part
of survey plot no. 150 as shown in the site plan.
Agra, Tajganj Agra
3 Chattries on the Yamuna bank to the north of Ram Bagh Agra Agra
4 Chauburji, of the temporary Burial place of Emperor Babur,
together with the Chabutra on which it stands.
Agra Agra
5 Chini-ka-Rauza including well, tank and kiosk facing the
river Yamuna.
Agra Agra
6 City wall on the west side of Agra Gate. Agra Agra
7 Dakhini darwaza in Mohalla Tajganj. Agra Agra
8 Firoz Khan’s Tomb. Agra Agra
9 Gateway at Pul Changa Modi. Agra Agra
10 Gateway in the interior of Tajganj. Agra Agra
11 Great Idgah. Agra Agra
12 Itimad-ud-Daula’s Tomb Agra Agra
13 Inscribed tablet in a piece of the old city wall of Agra
(Akbarabad) on the west side of the Mahatma Gandhi road
Agra Agra
14 Jami Masjid Agra Agra
15 Jhun Jhun Katora Agra Agra
16 Khans Gate Agra Agra
17 Kiosk and buildings other than the river side kiosk at or
near Zohra Bagh.
Agra Agra
18 Mehtab Bagh on the river bank, facing the Taj. Agra Agra
19 Maqbara called Kala Gumbaz between Chini-ka-Rauza and Bagh
Wazir Khan.
Agra Agra
20 Old Delhi Gate of city. Agra Agra
21 Pahlwan’s Tomb near Cantonment, Gwalior Road Agra Agra
22 Ram Bagh Gateways Agra Agra
23 Ram Bagh Houses, Kiosks, terraces and Katra. Agra Agra
24 Rauza Diwanji Begum and Mosque Agra Agra
25 Sat Kuiya or Seven wells close by Ram Bagh on the Aligarh
Agra Agra
26 Small Chattri on Agra-Mathura Road. Agra Agra
27 Statue of Akbar’s House on the Agra-Sikandara Road. Agra Agra
28 Taj and grounds including the Masjid on the west side, the
pavilions on the east and west sides of the grounds; great south
entrance gateway and great courtyard surrounded by cloisters.

Dalans round Taj Quadrangle

Drinking fountain in the west enclosure wall of the Taj Garden.

Entrance Gateway of Khan-i-Alam Bagh

Fatehpur Masjid

Kali Masjid and enclosure wall.

Khan-i-Alam Bagh together with the new tank near the Taj Mahal

Old Mughal Aqueduct.

Sahelion-ka-Gumbaz No.1

Sahelion-ka-Gumbaz No.2

Sahelion-ka-Gumbaz No.3

Sahelion-ka-Gumbaz No.4

Sirhi Darwaja facing the inner entrance gate of the Taj.

Tank near the Fatehpur Masjid

Well at the Taj garden

Agra Agra
29 Tank Pahlwan near Cantonment, Gwalior road. Agra Agra
30 Two Gateways of early Mughal date at the northeast and
northwest corner of Rambagh.
Agra Agra
31 Well and flight of steps in the Charbagh. Agra Agra
32 Zohra Bagh and River side Kiosk. Agra Agra
33 Kos Minar Agra-Fatehpur Sikri Road,Mile 09,Furlong 04 Agra
34 Kos Minar Agra-Fatehpur Sikri Road, Mile 11, Fag 01 Agra
35 Kos Minar Agra-Fatehpur Sikri Road, Mile12,Furlong 07 Agra
36 Kos Minar Agra-Fatehpur Sikri Road, Mile 15, Furlong 02 Agra
37 Kos Minar Agra-Fatehpur Sikri Road, Mile 04, Furlong 03 Agra
38 Kos Minar Agra-Mathura Road, Mile 06, Furlong 07 Agra
39 Kos Minar Agra-Mathura Road, Mile-09, Furlong 04 Agra
40 Kos Minar Agra-Mathura Road, Mile-126, Furlong 01 Agra
41 Tomb of Mahabat Khan’s Daughter. Bagh Rajpur Agra
42 Chattrie making the site of the Empress Jodhbai’s Tomb. Bhogipura Agra
43 Double storied Mughal pavilion called Hajeera. Burhia-ka-Tal Agra
44 The village known as Burhia-ka-Tal. Burhia-ka-Tal Agra
45 Fatehpur Sikri

Abul Faizi’s House

Abul Faizi’s House

Agra Gate.

Ajmer Gate.

Ankh Michauli and vaults beneath.

Archways partly supporting platform by the water work and in front of covered way leading from Jodhbai’s Palace towards the Hiran Minar.

Astrologer’s Seat & vaults beneath

Baha-ud-Din’s Tomb.

Buland Darwaza of the Jami Masjid

Baoli on the north side of Agra road below Hakim’s Bath.

Baradari near Kush Mahal.

Baradari near Naubat Khana

Baradari near Tehra Darwaza

Birbal’s Gate

Building commonly called Baiju-ka-Makan

Chandanpol Gate

Chor Darwaza

City Walls

Cloisters in front of the hammam by the gate leading into the Diwani-i-Am courtyard.

Daftarkhana (Old Dak Bungalow)

Dalan (attached to Mariam’s House)

Darogha’s House

Delhi Gate

Diving well

Diwan-i-Khas with cloisters

Domed Baths

Domed Gateway on the stone ridge by the Agra Gate

Elephant Gate or Hathi Pol

Girl’s School

Guard House attached to Jodh Bai’s Palace

Guard House (attached to Mariam’s House)

Guard House

Guard House at the foot of the ridge by Agra gate

Gwalior Gate

Hakim’s Bath

Hakim’s (Doctor’s ) house

Hamamm, southeast of Buland Darwaza

Hamamm, in front of the Buland Darwaza

Hammam(attached to Jodh Bai’s Palace)

Hammam, No. 2

Hammam, No. 3

Hammam outside Abul Fazl’s House

Hawa Mahal (Jodh Bai’s Palace)

Hiran Minar

Horse stables,Camel stables &Hammam

Hospital at the corner of Birbal’s House

Hospital and latrine

Jami Masjid (Dargah)

Jodh Bai’s Palace

Karwan buidings above the Karwan Sarai

Karwan Sarai


Khanqah attached to Dargah Jami Masjid

Khas Mahal cloisters

Khatai Khana

Khush Mahal or “Hada Mahal”

Khwabagh (Khas-Mahal)

King’s Gate of the Jami Masjid

Kitchen (attached to Mariam’s Houses

Lal Darwaza

Mariam’s House


Nagina Masjid

North Gate commonly known as Zanana Rauza of the Jami Masjid

Octagonal Baoli

Pachisi Court with Dalans

Panch Mahal

Pigeon house

Poor house on the southeast angle of Jami Masjid

Ranges of building between Diwan-i-Am and the Treasury including a Hammam

Poor house (attached to Nagina Masjid)

Rang Mahal

Ruined Bath, east of the Octagonal Baol

Salim Chishti’s Tomb

Samosa Mahal, north of Abul Fazl’s House

Sangin Burj

Small Baths, north of Abul Fazl’s house

Small Masjid attached to Baha-ud-din’s Tomb

Small Masjid between Delhi Gate & Lal Darwaza

Stone Cutter’s Masjid

Sukh Tal

Sweet Tank at the back of Diwan-i-Khas

Tomb of Islam Khan

Treasury and Naubat Khana

Turkish Sultana’s House and Hammam

Viaduct across the road leading to Bharatpur

Viaduct across the road leading to Bharatpur

Viaduct across the road leading to Bharatpur

Well by Hiran Minar

Agra Agra
46 Tomb of Sadiq Khan Gelana Agra
47 Tomb of Salabat Khan Gelana Agra
48 Dhakri-ka-Mahal Gopalpura Agra
49 Jami Masjid Itimadpur Agra
50 Jagner Fort including the Gwal Baba Temple with the Stairway
leading there to and the baoli outside and below tha main gate
on the hill of Jagner.
Jagner Agra
51 Two gateways and the Mosque in the Jajau Sarai. Jajau Agra
52 Humayun Masjid Kachhpura Agra
53 Bara Khamba Kagarol Agra
54 Guru-ka-Tal Kakretha Agra
55 Fifty-two bullock well Khawaspur Agra
56 Kamal Khan’s Dargah Khawaspur Agra
57 Old Tila and Tasu Tila Khawaspur Agra
58 Roman Catholic Cemetery with all its tombs, Boundary Walls,
gateways and gardens
Lashkarpur and Sadi-ka-Nagla Agra
59 Mass of rubble and concrete said to contain tombs of Ladli
Begum and her two brothers Faizi and Abul Fazl
Mau Agra
60 Itibari Khan’s Mosque Near Sikandara Agra
61 Jaswant Singh-ki-Chattri Rajwara Agra
62 Tomb of Sheikh Ibrahim
(Nephew of Salim Chishti)
Rasulpur Agra
63 Akbar’s Tomb, gateway and walls round the ground. Sikandara Agra
64 Dalans on the east and south sides of the great south gate
and domed structure on the west side of the same gate.
Sikandara Agra
65 Kanch Mahal, at the southeast corner of Akbar’s Tomb Sikandara Agra
66 Mariam’s Tomb Sikandara Agra
67 Small mosque situated in the Church Missionary Society’s
Sikandara Agra
68 Monuments in the memory of Captain Ronald Cameron and other
Aligar Aligarh
69 Monument in memory of the brave men who fell at the hour of
Gangiri Aligarh
70 Three Mounds Gorai Dhana, Iglas, Aligarh
71 Masjid Pilkhana Aligarh
72 Khera Mound Bajera Khera Aligarh
73 Smaller Mound Bajera Khera Aligarh
74 Nagaria Khera Shahgarh Khera, Shahgarh Aligarh
75 Old Garhi or Mud Fort Shahgarh Khera, Shahgarh Aligarh
76 Sahegarh Khera Shahgarh Khera, Shahgarh Aligarh
77 Ancient site consisting of the remains of an ancient fort and
an extensive Khera
Sankara Aligarh
78 High isolated conical shaped mound Sankara Aligarh
79 Mound, part of which appears to be the remains of a Buddhist
stupa or a temple
Sankara Aligarh
80 Monument near Old Fort Tappal Aligarh
81 Tomb of Thomson Simpson Tappal Aligarh
82 Kos Minar in field no.194/1/(191/1) Jarhaulia Auraiya
83 Kos Minar in field no. 215-1 Paighambarpur Auraiya
84 Kos Minar in field no.127 Bhagautipur Auraiya
85 Gateway Ajitma Auraiya
86 Kos Minar in field no.684 and 685, Panhar Salempur alias Sale under Revenue Mauza, Panhar Auraiya
87 Ancient mound at Kasuri Bamnauli Baghpat
88 Mound known as Parasu Ram ka Khera Alamgirpur Baghpat
89 Mound known as Lakha Mandap Barnawa Baghpat
90 Begum’s Masjid jor three lofty domes Aonla Bareilly
91 Tomb of Hafiz-ul-Mulk Rahmet Khan, the Rohila Chief Bareilly, Bakar Ganj Bareilly
92 Tomb of Hermit Shah Dana Bareilly, BakarGanj Bareilly
93 Large obelisk of red sandstone Fateh Ganj Bareilly
94 Several ancients ruined mounds in which Indo-Scythian coins
are found.
Pachomi or Wahidpur Pachaumi Bareily
95 Ancient Site Ramnagar, Alampur Kot Bareilly
96 Fort Ramnagar Bareily
97 Mound called Chikatia Khera Ramnagar Bareilly
98 Mound to the south of the tans known as of the Gandhan Sagar
and Adisagar
Ramnagar Bareilly
99 Small hillock called Katari Khera or Kottari Khera Ramnagar Bareilly
100 Stupa mound Ramnagar Bareilly
101 Two Buddhist mounds close to the Konwaru Tal Ramnagar Bareilly
102 Site near Aonla railway station Rehtoia Bareilly
103 Mordhaj also known as Munawar Jar with lofty mound Chandanpura Bijnor
104 Fort Chandpur Bijnor
105 Mosque Chandpur Bijnor
106 Old British Cemetery Daranagar Bijnor
107 Ancient Site Daulatabad Bijnor
108 Tomb or Nawab Shujat Khan Jahanabad Bijnor
109 Jami Masjid Mandawar Bijnor
110 Well Mandawar Bijnor
111 Old Pathan Fort Nagina Bijnor
112 Cemetery of Nawab Najib-ud-Daula Najibabad Bijnor
113 Pathargarh Fort Najibabad Bijnor
114 Portion of the old Palace Najibabad Bijnor
115 Tomb of Nawab Najib-ud-Daula Najibabad Bijnor
116 Mound (Kushan king Vasudeva) Tip Bijnor
117 Dargah of Imadul Mulk alias Pisan Hari-ka-Gumbaz dated A.H.
Budaun Budaun
118 Jami Masjid Budaun Budaun
119 Tomb, Mohalla Behrampur, Tomb of Ikhlas Khan Budaun Budaun
120 Tomb of Makhduman Jahan, the mother of Alaudin Alam Budaun Budaun
121 Several large tumuli (Kheras) in and about Ahar. Ahar Bulandshahr
122 Ruins of an old temple known as Chandrani-ka-Mandir Chandok Bulandshahr
123 Balai Kot or Upper Fort Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
124 Large mound known as Moti Bazaar Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
125 Two cemeteries Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
126 Masonry tank and ancient temple Dankaur Bulandshahr
127 Ahirpura mound or lesser temple mound Indor Bulandshahr
128 Kundanpura mound or the great temple mound Indor Bulandshahr
129 Lofty mound with a small village perched on the east
northeastern side of it.
Indor Bulandshahr
130 Khera or mound called Talapatnagari or Myaji Khera Shikarpur Bulandshahr
131 Large Mound Atranjikhera Etah
132 Khera Basundara Basundra Etah
133 Large mound dividing the village into two distinct portions
known as Bilsar Pachiya and Bilsar Purva.
Bilsar Etah
134 Mound containing ancient relics of the Gupta period. Bilsar Etah
135 Tombs of Colonel Gardener and his Begum Chaoni Etah
136 Remains of an old temple Malawan Etah
137 Two Mounds together with a statue, ancient sculptures and
other antiquarian remains.
Noh Khas and Khera Noh Etah
138 Fort Sakit Etah
139 Ruined Mosque in the old Fort Sakit Etah
140 Extensive Khera Sarai Aghat Etah
141 Sita Ramji’s temple Soron Etah
142 Remains of an old Fort Asai Khera Etawah
143 Ancient fortress and site Chakra Naga Etawah
144 Gateway Ekdil Etawah
145 Jami Masjid with its appurtenances Etawah Etawah
146 Closed cemetery at all Souls Memorial Church Fatehgarh Farrukhabad
147 Closed cemetery at Fort Fatehgarh Farrukhabad
148 Closed cemetery at British Infantry lines Fatehgarh Farrukhabad
149 Tomb of Surgeon Thomas Hamilton Fatehgarh Farrukhabad
150 Queen Victoria Memorial Fatehgarh Farrukhabad
151 Most easterly mound of the isolated tilas Kampil Farrukhabad
152 Tomb of Major Robertson (now Auraiya District, hence Lucknow
Karhar Farrukhabad
153 Mosque and Saraia Khudaganj Farrukhabad
154 Stone and its enclosure marking the place where the late
Field Marshall Earl Roberts, P.C.K.G.etc. earned his Victoria
Cross at the battle of Kali Nadi in 1857 situated in grave.
Khudaganj Farrukhabad
155 Site of an old Buddhist Vihara, Extensive mound Pakhnabihar Farrukhabad
156 Extensive Mound Pilkhana Farrukhabad
157 Tomb of Nawab Rashid Khan Maurshida-bad Farrukhabad
158 Ancient Site Sankissa Farrukhabad
159 Tank of Naga called Karevar or Kandayat Tal Sankissa Farrukhabad
160 Tomb of Lt. Col. John Guthrie in the mud fort Thatia Farrukhabad
161 Tomb of Mohd. Khan Bangash Nawab Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
162 Tomb of Fariduddin alias Main Fiddu Shekupur Garhi, Rapri, Shikhohabad Firozabad
163 Tomb of Nasiruddin Shekupur Garhi, Rapri, Shikhohabad Firozabad
164 Tomb of Nizammuddin Rapri, Shikhohabad Firozabad
165 Idgah Rapri, Shikhohabad Firozabad
166 Archaeological Site Remains comprised in Survey Plot
Nos. 736, 738/2, 738/3 parts of Survey Plot Nos. 737, 738
/ 1 and 738 / 1 and 738 / 4 as shown in the site plan
Gulistanpur Ghaziabad
167 Raja Karan ka khera Paragana put, Mustafabad, Ghaziabad
168 Monument near Kilah railway station Hathras Hathras
169 Remains of an old Hindu temple inside the Dayaram’s fort Hathras Hathras
170 Small circular mound Lakhnu Hathras
171 Mound Lakhnu Hathras
172 Monument of Major Robert Naim Pipalgaon Hathras
173 Monument in the memory of Samuel Anderson Nichterlein Sasni Hathras
174 Mound known as Gohana Khera Sasni Hathras
175 Well or Baoli known as Bah-ka-Kuan Amroha Jyotibha Phule Nagar
176 Talib Khan’s Tomb Azampur Jyotibha Phule Nagar
177 Tomb of Abdul Ghafur Shah Azampur Jyotibha Phule Nagar
178 Tomb of the grand son of Abdul Ghafur Shah and Mosque Azampur Jyotibha Phule Nagar
179 Unknown Tomb Chaudhariapur Kannauj
180 Tomb of Sergeant, instructor of Musketry James Norfolk Gursahaiganj Kannauj
181 Bala Pir Tomb Kannauj Kannauj
182 Big Mosque Kannauj Kannauj
183 Kachhiriwala tomb Kannauj Kannauj
184 Mosque and the tomb of Makhdum Jahanian Kannauj Kannauj
185 Mound known as Old Fort Kannauj Kannauj
186 Outer gateway Kannauj Kannauj
187 Small mosque west of Bala Pir Kannauj Kannauj
188 Small inner gateway Kannauj Kannauj
189 Tomb of Sheikh Mohammad Mehdi Kannauj Kannauj
190 Zanana Gumbad Kannauj Kannauj
191 Closed cemetery Mainpur Mainpuri
192 Ancient site Bajna Mathura
193 Pillar with Sanskrit inscription dated samvat 1666 in the
flanking tower at the Bhanakaur tank
Barsana Mathura
194 Mound (Barse ka Tila) Bhadar Mathura
195 Temple of Govind Deo Brindaban Mathura
196 Temple of Jugal Kishore Brindaban Mathura
197 Temple of Madan Mohan Brindaban Mathura
198 Temple of Radha Ballabh Brindaban Mathura
199 Akbari Sarai Chhatta Mathura
200 Kos Minar, Mile 19 Furlong 1 Chhatta Mathura
201 Kos Minar, Mile 24 Furlong 3 Chhatta Mathura
202 Kos Minar, Mile 26 Furlong 7 Chhatta Mathura
203 Kos Minar, Mile 29 Furlong 4 Chhatta Mathura
204 Two mounds, the second mound is known as Singer Tila Ganesra Mathura
205 Kos Minar Gohari Mathura
206 Mound Jaisinghpura Mathura
207 Fortified Sarai with all its walls and gateways Kosi Mathura
208 Small mound locally known as Chavar Kosi Mathura
209 Mound Kota Mathura
210 Mound marking the Old Fort Mahaban Mathura
211 Ancient Site containing fragments of images Mat Mathura
212 Ancient sculptures, carvings, images, bas-reliefs,
inscriptions, stones and like objects
Mathura Mathura
213 Gayatri mound Mathura Mathura
214 Girdharpur mound Mathura Mathura
215 Gopal Khera Mathura Mathura
216 Kankali tila, Jain and Chaubara Mound Mathura Mathura
217 Kos Minar on the circular road Mathura Mathura
218 Palikhera Mound Mathura Mathura
219 Portions of Katra Mound which are not in the possession of
Nazul tenants on which formerly stood a temple of Kehsavadeva
which was dismantled and the site utilised for the mosque of
Mathura Mathura
220 Sati Burz, supposed to commemorate the Sati of the widow of
Raja Biharmal of Jaipur erected by her son Raja Bhagwandas in
A.D. 1570
Mathura Mathura
221 Site of ancient Pokhar (Pushkarini) Mathura Mathura
222 Ahalyaganj Mound Mathura-Brindaban road Mathura
223 Chamunda Tila Mathura-Brindaban road Mathura
224 Kos Minar, Mile 3, Furlong 5.175 from the boundary Mathura-Delhi road Mathura
225 Kos Minar, Mile 11, Furlong 5 (west of Chamah village) Mathura-Delhi road Mathura
226 Kos Minar, opposite to mile 13, Furlong 1 from road Mathura-Delhi road Mathura
227 Kos Minar, Mile 116, 400 yards from road Mathura-Delhi road Mathura
228 Kos Minar in the beginning of Dig road Mathura-Dig road Mathura
229 Ancient Site Mora Mathura
230 Extensive site containing a high mound apparently a fort with
ramparts and corner turrets
Shahpur Ghosana Mathura
231 Mound Sonauth Janubi Mathura
232 Ancient Mound Adinga Mathura
233 Ancient Mound (Hathi Tila ) near Kishori Raman college Kesopur Menoharpur Mathura
234 Cemetery at the junction of Meerut – Delhi Road At the junction of Meerut-Delhi road Meerut
235 Mound known as Ulta Khera and the mound or Raghunathji Hastinapur Meerut
236 Andhra Court, a high brick fortress supposed to have been
built by Mahi
Meerut Meerut
237 Cemetery of the Meerut racecourse Meerut Meerut
238 Tomb of Shah Peer Meerut Meerut
239 Begum’s Palace Sardhana Meerut
240 Roman Catholic Church Sardhana Meerut
241 Tombs or Sardhana Cemetery Sardhana Meerut
242 Two mounds (Kheras) named Khorkali and Jalapar Servara Meerut
243 Amarpati Khera Alipur Moradabad
244 Chandesvara Khera Bemi Moradabad
245 Khera or Mound reputed to be the ruin or a palace Raja Vena Berni Moradabad
246 Large mound, the site of an ancient temple Bherabharatpur Moradabad
247 Old Fort and its relics Firozpur Moradabad
248 Ancient Mound Gumthal Khera Moradabad
249 Large Mound Karvar Moradabad
250 Jami Masjid Sambhal Moradabad
251 Mound Sarthal Khera Moradabad
252 Gateway of Karwan Sarai Sondhan Muhammadpur Moradabad
253 Mosque of Karwan Sarai Sondhan Muhammadpur Moradabad
254 Mosque and Tomb of Shah Abdul Razak and his four sons Jinhana Muzaffar
255 Octagonal Wall Majhera Muzaffar
256 Tomb of Diwan Saiyed Mohammad Khan Majhera Muzaffar
257 Tomb Saiyed Hussain also called Sayed Chajju Khan Majhera Muzaffar
258 Tomb of Saiyed Umar Nur Khan Majhera Muzaffar
259 Tomb of Saiyed Saif Khan and his mother Majhera Muzaffar
260 Jami Masjid Pilibhit Pilibhit
261 Badshahi Bagh locally known as Badshahi Mahal Badshahi Mahal Saharanpur
262 Khera ki Bandi, Old Cemetery Lodhipur Saharanpur
263 Old British Cemetery, Khata Khedi Saharanpur Saharanpur
264 Old British Cemetery, Saharanpur City Saharanpur Saharanpur
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