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Activities of the Branch

Epigraphical Studies in India

Epigraphical Studies in India – Sanskrit and Dravidian

Activities of the Branch

The Epigraphy Branch of the A.S.I. is primarily engaged in visiting different parts of the country, copying inscriptions, deciphering, transcribing and listing them in the Annual Report on Indian Epigraphy. Some important inscriptions from the collection are critically edited in another publication of the Branch called Epigraphia Indica. Inscriptions copied from South India have been edited in the South Indian Inscriptions volumes. Inscriptions of particular dynasties are edited in the Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum volumes. These publications mainly constitute the source material for the reconstruction of our history.

Photographs of the published inscriptions and copies of transcripts are provided to the scholars on request. The Epigraphy Branch, Mysore, houses a rich library containing rare and old books on Indology in general and Epigraphy in particular. Several scholars from India and abroad make use of this library for their research work. Publications of this Branch are made available for sale in this office.

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