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Protected Monuments in West Bengal


West Bengal

Sl. No.Name of monument(s) District
1. Temple of Nandkishore ar Halisahar 24 Parganas
2. Surya temple at Sonatapal Bankura
3. Basuli temple /Archaeological site at Atbhaichandi Bankura
4. Abandoned temple of Shyamchand at Dharapat Bankura
5. Jain
temple of Deulbhirra
6. Temple of Jhagraichandi at Uttarbadh – Boital Bankura
7. Temple of Lakshmi Janrdan at Uttarbadh – Boital Bankura
8. Temple of Shyamchand at Dakshinbadh – Boital

9. Abandoned temple at Radhakrishna at Vikrampur Bankura
10. Temple of Radha – Krishna at Muninagat Bankura
11. Abandoned temple at shyamchand at Elyati (Belatukri) Bankura
12. Abandoned temle Gour Nitai at Tejpal Bankura
13. Abandoned temple of Yadav Rai at Yadavnagar Bankura
14. Temple of Hakanda at Maynapur Bankura
15. Temple of Damodar at Kotulpur (Bazarpara) Bankura
16. Octagonal Siva temple at Supur Birbhum
17. Temple of Kali at Itanda Birbhum
18. Navaratna temple at Brahmandidhi Birbhum
19. Temple of Gouranga at Ilambazar Birbhum
20. Motichur mosque at Rjanagar Birbhum
21. Siva temple at Ramnagar Birbhum
22. Temple of Dewanji and its contiguous shrines at Hetampur Birbhum
23. Temple of Chandra Nath Siva at Hetampur Birbhum
24. Siva temple at Panchra Birbhum
25. Siva temple at Rasa Birbhum
26. Visnu temple at Hatsarandi Birbhum
27. Siva temple adjacent to Kali temple Birbhum
28. Siva temple at Ghurisa Birbhum
29. Malleswar Siva temple at Mallarpur Birbhum
30. Kali temple at Patharkunchi Birbhum
31. Chand Roy temple at Uchkaran Birbhum
32. Four Siva temples at Uchkaran Birbhum
33. Bhandiswara Siva temple at Bhandiswar Birbhum
34. Abandoned Gopal temple at Amdpur Burdwan
35. Majlish Saheb or Id-Baqrid mosque at Kalna town Burdwan
36. Panchratna brick temple at Baidyapur Burdwan
37. Radha Gobunda temple at Jagadanandapur Burdwan
38. Three Siva temple at Sribati Burdwan
39. Badsahi or Hussain Shai mosque at Nutanhat Burdwan
40. Siva temple at Honpas – Kamarpura Burdwan
41. Hussain Shah mosque at Kulutia Burdwan
42. Excavated monument at Goswamikhanda Burdwan
43. Bijoy – Toran at Burdwan town Burdwan
44. Temple of Kashinath Siva at Ajhapur Burdwan
45. Temple of Madan Gopal at Kulingram Burdwan
46. South Park street Cemetery in Park street Calcutta
47. The tomb of Admiral Charles Watson, the Mausoleum of Job Charnak and The Tomb of
BegunJohnson within the compound of St. John’s Church at Council house
street, Calcutta
48. Siddhanath Siva temple at Dhauluabari Cooch Behar
49. The temple of Kamteswari at Gosnimari Cooch Behar
50. The temple of baneswar Siva at Baneswar Cooch Behar
51. Henry martin’s Pagoda at Serampore Hooghly
52. Raj Rajeswar temple at Dwarahatta Hooghly
53. Chandi temple at Deulpara Hooghly
54. Siva temple at Bakharpur Hooghly
55. Temple of Gour Chandra and Krishnachandra at Chatra Hooghly
56. Jorbangla temple at Parul Hooghly
57. Raghunandan temple at Parul Hooghly
58. Jorbangla temple of Durga with Navaratna tower at Bally dewangunj Hooghly
59. Mosque at Village bajua Hooghly
60. Radha Govinda temle at Satpur Hooghly
61. Siva temple at Harirampur Hooghly
62. Raj Rajeswar temple at Kotalpur Hooghly
63. Temple of Sri Sri Nandadulal Jew
at Gurap
64. The mast of a Portuguese ship at bandal Hooghly
65. Kanakeswar  Shiva temple, Byra Kanpur Hooghly
66. Temple of Dadhimadhab of the Roy family at Amraguri Howrah
67. Temple of Gopal Jew at Mellock Howrah
68. Jatileswar Siva temple at Purabadha Jalpaiguri
69. Historical fort and prison on mountain cliff at Buxa Jalpaiguri
70. Jami mosque in Old Malda municipality Malda
71. Ruins of the fortified city of Pandua Malda
72. Ruins of Pathan palace at Adian Malda
73. Ancient ruins at Ratnagarh at Wari Malda
74. Ancient ruin site at Gagjibanpur Malda
75. Temple of Dakshinakali at Malancha Midnapore
76. Jagannath temple at Dihi – Bahiri Midnapore
77. Jorbangla temple at Chandrakona Midnapore
78. Santinath Siva temple at Chandrakona Midnapore
79. Temple of Raghunath at Radhanagar Midnapore
80. Temple of Radhagovinda and Radharaman Jew at Gobindnagar Midnapore
81. Maharudra Siddhanath Jew temple at Reapara Midnapore
82. Abandoned temple at Ramchandra pur Midnapore
83. Abandoned temple at Raghunath at Randhnagar Midnapore
84. Templeof Gopinath at Khard Radhakantapur Midnapore
85. Jorsiva temple at Rajangar Midnapore
86. Temple of Gopinath at Daspur Midnapore
87. Temple of Dandeswar at Karnagarh Midnapore
88. Temple of Mahamaya at Karnagarh Midnapore
89. Tomb of Nawab Sharfaraz Khan at Naginabagh Murshidabad
90. Temple of Gangeswar Siva at Baranagar Murshidabad
91. Siva temple at Yugwara Murshidabad
92. Ravratna temple at Sibarambati Murshidabad
93. Ratneshwar Siva temple at Bilbari Murshidabad
94. The house, temples and ruins associated with memory of Jagat Sett’s house at Mahimapur Murshidabad
95. Temple of Raghabeswar Siva at Dignagar Nadia
96. Temple of Shyamchand at Santipur town Nadia
97. Durga temple at Para Purulia
98. Mound at Haraktore Purulia
99. Radha Gibinda temple at Cheliyama Purulia
100. Siva temple at Krosjuri Purulia
101. Jain temple in and around Pakbirra Purulia
102. Basudeb temple in ruins at Arsha Purulia
103. Jain and other images in stone at Suisa Purulia
104. Rashmandir at Begunkodar Purulia
105. Temple of Bhairab at Bindole Uttar Dinajpur
106. Ruins of Fort Ekdala at Bahirhatta Uttar Dinajpur
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