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National Culture Fund (NCF)


Legacies of ancient civilizations leave their traces in the memories of the nations. Marvels of ancient India show the highest level of mastery in our ancient monuments and artifacts. Undisputedly, very few civilizations of the world can match the awesome variety and infinite beauty of India’s archaeological wealth.
Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) was set up in the year 1861 basically to carry out elaborate surveys of antiquarian remains in the country and to protect monuments and sites. The ASI has brought to light innumerable vestiges of our past civilizations which have made every Indian feel proud of its glorious past. The Survey is zealously guarding these treasures for the past one and half centuries.
Presently, the work of the organisation is spread over a large number of fields such as preservation, conservation, architectural studies, epigraphy, horticultural and environmental upgradation, underwater archaeology. Presently, ASI is protecting 3667 monuments including 18 World Heritage Cultural Properties. It is also maintaining 41 site museums around the country.
The ASI is well known for its excellence in the fields of excavation, conservation and museums. ASI has undertaken explorations, excavations and conservation in Egypt, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Combodia. ASI is also helping countries like Pakistan, Indonesia in the planning of conservation of their selected monuments.
The vast remains of cultural past in our country have to be preserved in a best manner. The social demands for cultural preservation outstrip the available government resources and thus have to be met with active collaboration of governmental agencies with private ones.
National Culture Fund (NCF) was established in 1996 as a trust under Ministry of Culture is an innovative pattern of cultural funding which enables institutions and individuals to perform their rightful role in promoting and preserving India’s rich cultural heritage.
Under the NCF it is possible for a donor to identify a project and a monument along with any specific aspect of funding and also an agency for the execution of the project. All contributions to NCF are entitled to a tax rebate Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act. ASI shall duly acknowledge the contributions at the site and also in its publications. Currently, many leading Corporate Homes, Trusts are helping us in conservation and preservation work at Taj Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Jaisalmer Fort, etc.

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