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[DRAFT] National Conservation Policy for Protected Monuments, Archaeological Sites and Remains
India has an extraordinarily rich, vast and diverse cultural heritage in the form of Monuments, Archaeological Sites and Remains which are declared protected by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Their sheer magnitude in number alone is overwhelming and these are the symbols of diverse cultural expression, artistic and architectural creativity, and of a historic continuity. One of the prime mandates of the ASI is to ensure conservation and maintenance of all protected monuments, including iconic world heritage sites, throughout the country by using all resources available for the purpose.  

ASI has undertaken, in past 150 years, innumerable conservation initiatives ensuring the continuing existence of all monuments. ASI’s contribution in conservation and safeguarding is noteworthy not only within the country but internationally as well, wherein benchmark conservation works were carried out by ASI. Conservation works being carried out by ASI have been well documented and are well preserved in form of a repository of images, drawings, inspection notes, and a large number of publications.

It is well known a fact that the nature of duties of ASI has changed manifold since the inception of the organisation and, therefore, responsibilities of ASI’s archaeological officers, in-charge of conservation and management of protected monuments, have gone beyond their earlier mandate.

Monuments, finite and non-renewable resources of our country, are subject to an ever-increasing pressure of development and increasing visitation, unlike ever before, and this puts an unprecedented pressure on them. Also, in the last hundred years, interpretation of a monument and conservation principles have undergone evolution worldwide wherein a monument is appreciated along with its context and conservation has become a multi-disciplinary enterprise.

In January, 2011, an 18-member National Committee on Conservation Policy (NCCP) for the formulated by the Ministry of Culture to help ASI draft the National Conservation Policy for Protected monuments, Archaeological Sites and Remains. The Committee, comprising experts from different organisations and professional backgrounds, was mandated to help ASI with the formulation of conservation policy, develop guidelines for conservation and maintenance of protected monuments, devising conservation principles, incorporating best international practices in conservation.

Draft “National Conservation Policy for Monuments, Archaeological Sites and Remains” aims to not only draw from ASI’s rich legacy for conservation and various international guidelines available but attempts a more inclusive and contemporary approach to conservation. The Policy attempts to put a monument in perspective (as a ubiquitous part of its setting), underpins the role of local communities and traditional craftsmanship as an integral part of conservation process. The Policy also deals with very important and topical aspects like tourism, development (within and around), capacity building and building partnerships.

The draft conservation policy focusses only on the protected monuments, archaeological sites and remain, protected by the Archaeological Survey of India under its Ancient Monuments, Archaeological Sites and Remains (AMASR) Act, 1958 (Amendment and Validation, 2010).

Comments / feedback, in this regard, are invited within 30 days of the publication of the notice on the ASI website. Comments may be posted or emailed on the following address:

Director (Conservation)
Archaeological Survey of India
Janpath, New Delhi - 110011
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