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New Orders
Office Order Date
Transfer / Posting Orders  
Promotion Orders  
Office Orders  
OFFICE ORDER N0.239 of 2015-ADM.I 18.12.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.238 of 2015-ADM.I 18.12.2015
Office Memorandum 18.12.2015
The financial up-Gradation under the MACP Scheme shall be purely personal to the officers. 10.12.2015
Recruitment Rules of the post. 23.11.2015
Instruction of Security within the permisses of ASI (HQ) 18.11.2015
Multi Tasking Staff posting in HQ. 17.11.2015
Merge and Re-designation of Group 'C'. 10.11.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.211 of 2015-ADM.I 30.10.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.210 of 2015-ADM.I 30.10.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.209 of 2015-ADM.I 28.10.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.207/2015-ADM.I 26.10.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.205/2015-ADM.I 21.10.2015
Corrigendum of OFFICE ORDER N0.195/2015-ADM.I 15.10.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.195/2015-ADM.I 12.10.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.194/2015-ADM.I 09.10.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.193/2015-ADM.I 09.10.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.192/2015-ADM.I 09.10.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.181/2015-ADM.I 29.09.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.179/2015-ADM.I 28.09.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.178/2015-ADM.I 28.09.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.177/2015-ADM.I 28.09.2015
Shri. M. Kalimuth, deputy Superintending Archaeologist is hereby Appointed as CPIO in respect of RTI vadodara Circle. 15.09.2015
Md. SAlauddin, ASAE is hereby appointed as CPIO in respect of TRI matters pertaining to Nagpure Circle. 15.09.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.164/2015-ADM.I . 11.09.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.165/2015-ADM.I . 14.09.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.163/2015-ADM.I . 10.09.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.162/2015-ADM.I. 10.09.2015
Central Archaeological Library OFFICE ORDER . 10.09.2015
Dy. Superintending pay scale of OFFICE ORDER N0.161/2015-ADM.I . 09.09.2015
Midification of OFFICE ORDER N0.160/2015-ADM.I, Dr. Urmila Sant, Director (Musuem), is nominated as Liaison Officer. 09.09.2015
Tagore National Fellowship/Scholarship for Cultural Research-reg. 20.08.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.152/2015-ADM.I 20.08.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.150/2015-ADM.I 20.08.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.149/2015-ADM.I 20.08.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.148/2015-ADM.I 20.08.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.147/2015-ADM.I 20.08.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.146/2015-ADM.I 20.08.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.133/2015-ADM.I 23.07.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.132(A)/2015-ADM.I 23.07.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.132/2015-ADM.I 23.07.2015
Grating then Anual increment 16.07.2015
Grating then Anual increment(1) 16.07.2015
Grating then Anual increment(2) 16.07.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.130/2015-ADM.I 14.07.2015
OFFICE ORDER N0.129/2015-ADM.I 14.07.2015
Office Order No. 123/2015-ADM-1. 08.07.2015
Office Order No. 122/2015-ADM-1. 06.07.2015
Office Order No. 95/2015-ADM-1. 21.05.2015
Office Order No. 94/2015-ADM-1. 20.05.2015
Office Order No. 93/2015-ADM-1. 20.05.2015
Office Order No. 92/2015-ADM-1. 18.05.2015
Submission and declaration of assets and libilities by the public servants for each year. 29.04.2015
Distribution of work of monuments section. 24.04.2015
Vigilance clearance in respect of officers working under the jurisdictions of director. 22.04.2015
office order No. 67-2015-Admin 21.04.2015
office order No. 65-2015-Admin 21.04.2015
office order No. 69-2015-Admin 21.04.2015
Consequence of assumption Submition of file/ proposal: 21.04.2015
In partial modification of para of office order No. 193/2014-Admin 21.04.2015
Posting/transfers in respects of competent Authority:(Office Order No. 55) 06.04.2015
Posting/transfers in respects of competent Authority:(Office Order No. 54) 06.04.2015
Financial up-gradation under the MACP scheme issued: 27.03.2015
Shri T.J. Alone Superintending Archaeologist appoint to the post of Director (Archaeology) 26.03.2015
The following postings / transfers in the grade of Section Officers are hereby ordered with immediate effect.. 22.01.2015
The following Section Officers have joined their duties as Section Officer. 22.01.2015
Shri Rajeev Kaushal, Surveyor Grade-I, O/o SA, ASI, BSP, New Delhi, is hereby transferred to O/o Competent Authority, Delhi with immediate effect.. 16.01.2015
Delegation of financial powers to officials for carrying out works in the field of Conservation, Preservation, Horticulture, Exploration and Excavation, Museums and Epigraphy as per rule 13(3) of DFPR.. 15.01.2015
Delegation of enhanced financial powers to Director General, Archaeological Survey of India(ASI)












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