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Museum - Ratnagiri

Archaeological Museum, Ratnagiri
(District Jajpur, Orissa)

Aesthetically planned the three terraced magnificent building is constructed on the northern crest of the Ratnagiri hill of Asia hill ranges at Ratnagiri village, district Jajpur, Orissa. The museum houses the antiquities and architectural remains collected from the excavation at the site.

The museum consists of four galleries with a long stepped corridor displaying art objects and antiquities, mainly related to Buddhism, ranging from 5th to 13th century AD. Majority of these antiquities specially the elegant stone and bronze sculptures belong to tantric Buddhist Vajrayana sect. The antiquities are varied in nature and include small votive stupas, sculptures of different medium and dimensions in stone, bronze, ivory, stone and copper inscriptions, inscribed potsherds, terracotta seals and sealing, terracotta figures, variety of other metal objects like Chhatras, haloes, ornaments, finials, flowers, decorated bands, small vessels, glass bangles, coins, etc.

Amongst the displayed antiquities in the first gallery mention may be made of stone images of Buddha in various poses, Avalokitesvara, Khasarpana, Lokesvara, Manjusri, Tara, one six armed deity all belonging to 9th to 11th century AD. Mention may be made of an image of seated tara and an image of Manjushri in dhyanamudra both of which mark the excellence of modeling.

The important displayed antiquities in the second gallery include stone sculpture of Buddha, Bodhisattvas, Jambhala, Tara in various poses, Vasudhara, Chunda, woman in dancing posture etc. Mention may be made of the colossal Buddha head, image of Tara, Basudhara and that of Buddha in bhumisparsha-mudra seated on visvapadma.

The third gallery has been organised with images of Buddha, Stupas, Bodhisattva, Maitreya and some other Vajrayana deities. Besides these, images of Durga and Vaisnavi, inscribed stone slabs, stone disc, etc. deserve attention. However the images and objects in the wall showcases of this gallery are comparatively smaller in size.

The fourth gallery exhibits miscellaneous objects which include terracotta objects, seals and sealings, ivory objects, inscribed copper plates, potsherds and relic pots, objects of daily use, etc. The attraction of this gallery are the bronze images of Manjushri, Yamari, etc. These bronzes bear affinity with bronzes of Nalanda and Jhewari (Bangladesh)

Opening Hours : 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Closed on Friday

Entrance Fee : 
Rs. 2/- per head
(Children up to 15 years free)






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Contact detail

Shri Prasanna Kumar Dikshit ,
Assistant Superintending Archaeologist,
Archaeological Museum, Archaeological Survey of India,
Ratnagiri 754 236 
District Jaipur, Orissa 
Ph: 06725-240004

























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