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Antiquity Section

Survey Map of the Centarally Protected Monuments

Taj Mahal, the pinnacle of Mughal architecture, was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan (1628-1658), grandson of Akbar the great, in the memory of his queen Arjumand Bano Begum, entitled ‘Mumtaz Mahal’. Mumtaz Mahal was a niece of empress Nur Jahan and granddaughter of Mirza Ghias Beg I’timad-ud-Daula...
Sanauli, A Late Harappan Cemetery Site Sanauli, tehsil Barot, district Baghpat, U.P. is under excavation by the ASI since September 2005. The site was a chance discovery while locals undertook levelling operation for agricultural purposes...Bhirrana | Dholavira...
Archaeological Museum, Hampi The collection of sculptures architectural members from various locations of the ruins were made by British officers and housed earlier at elephant stables. Archaeological Survey of India established it’s first museum here...
The  Archaeological Survey of India brings out a variety of publications since its inception, both annual and special with subject matters ranging from archaeological researches in excavations, explorations, conservation, Architectural Survey of Temples and secular buildings besides epigraphy and numismatics (Epigraphical Publications). In addition to these, the survey brings out popular literature in the form of Guide Books, folder/brochures, portfolio and Picture Post Cards on Centrally Protected Monuments and archaeological sites, Indian Archaeology - A Review, Memoirs of the Archaeological Survey of India Ancient India, New Imperial Series, Annual Reports, Cunningham's Report, Special Publications, Other Publications
National Mission on Monuments & Antiquities
The National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities proposes to launch its activities through out the country with independent functional strategy in each state and union territory. It is envisaged that mandate of the Mission should be achieved within a stipulated time frame of five years i.e. 2007-2012 


New APAR/ACR Form:

(CIRCULAR) Regard to filling of theAPAR in respects officers.
Gr."A", Gr."B",Gazetted and Non-Gazetted
Gr."C", Non-Gazetted
"SA" and Above
APAR Gradation Chart
Non-availability of APARs in respect of A.A - Regarding
List of pending APAR for the year 2014-15 all Gazatte officers.

Survey Plan of ASI Monuments

E-Newsletter Sangrahika

Indian Archaeology A Review 2010-2011.

Mobile Application on Monuments of Utrakhand is Available

Booklet In Braille

Central Civil Services Rules, 1964 and the LOKPAL And LOKAYUKTA

Borrowers are supposed to return the books of CA Library & Cirlce Library within 21 days from the date of issue

Immovable Property Return for the year 2014 (as on 01.01.2015) furnishing of details.

Annual Property to be field under Sec. 44 of the LOKPAL and LOKAYUKTA, 2013.
360o view of ASI monuments
The Sexual Harassment of women at workplace, Prohibition and redressal -Act, 2013
Online entry ticket
Notification with respect to enhancement of entry fee
Cancellation Notice of Recruitment of Research Associates and Data Entry Operators
Comments are invited on the draft:

Guidelines on Ancient Monuments Archaeological
Sites and Remains(AMASR)
Policy on Documentation of Antiquities pertaining to NMMA

The suggestion and comments from the public may be send to either by post to Director, National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities, GE Building, Red Fort Complex Delhi-110006 or by email on dirnmma@gmail.com
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